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  1. I like your formula but why would you use your references to $Z$1 rather than "today()" throughout the formula?
  2. I can sync my project files and also mirror over my e-mails and contacts for a shared pickup with the rest of my team on Sharepoint.
  3. i think it stays there till you manually delete the emails from outlook
  4. The easiest workaround is to put the PDF file onto drop box, skydrive or a simmilar service and include a link to the file in the body of the merged document.
  5. you've not compacted it, you can still get to the files using SCANPST after you've corrupted the PST file. It sounds scary but it really does work. I've done it.
  6. you found that there are not all the contacts available in the pst file then you should use scanpst.exe that comes with all Outlook versions. scan the PST file and repair any found corruption.
  7. I have followed the instructions but am having some trouble. When I move the cursor to column 7 row 1 pressing the space bar does not delete anything, the cursor merely disappears and it looks like the pressing of the space bar is doing nothing.
  8. which is located junk-->junk options-->No Automatic Filtering i just want that option greyed out. And i want to do that from the registry. Can anyone help me ?
  9. i want to do that from the registry. Can anyone help me ?