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  1. iCloud account recovery process If you are facing trouble while getting access to the iCloud of your Apple ID because you don’t remember the password of the iCloud, you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily recover your iCloud account if you have access to the device signed in to the same Apple ID. If you want to reset the password of the iCloud you can do that by resetting the password of your Apple ID account. Apple ID is associated with all the Apple service which you use with your Apple device such as iCloud, iMusic, AppStore, Etc. It means all the services can be accessed using your Apple ID and the Password, so if you lost the access to the iCloud due to the incorrect password you need to reset the account password and you will be able to use the new password to access the iCloud account. You need to follow the instructions given below in order to perform iCloud account recovery through the Apple ID: Ø You need to open the Settings on your phone by tapping on the GEAR icon in the application menu of your iPhone Ø Now you have to tap on your name Ø Tap on password change option Ø Enter the new password and confirm it Ø Tap on saving or done These are very simple and quick steps to change the Apple ID password and the new password can be used to access the iCloud account of the same Apple ID.
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    How to Change Yahoo Password

    Know how you can change Yahoo account password Undoubtedly, Yahoo Mail is one of the finest email service providers, which is used by thousands of people to perform their daily email activities. Still, many users report various security issues with their account, like lost access to the account or issues with email recovery. Fortunately, one can easily avoid these issues by regularly updating their Yahoo account details. So, to help out the users here is the simple procedure on How to change Yahoo password. Also, one can contact the support for required assistance in case of issue. Changing the Yahoo account password To start with this process, the user needs to navigate to the security page. Then, the user needs to provide the username and password of their Yahoo account. After that, the user is required to navigate to the manage accounts section and click on the password change option. Now, the user is required to provide the new password for their Yahoo account. After creating the new password, the user is required to click on the Save button. And now, the user is required to follow the on-screen instructions to access your Yahoo Mail using the new password. Still, if the user has any queries, they can contact the support for required assistance and fix the Yahoo security issues in time.
  3. recover Yahoo password without security question Yahoo mail is one of the largest email services in the world. It has a huge number of users. Sometimes we can forget our password and then we face login issue but Yahoo allows its users to easily recover the forgotten password. We can recover forgotten password through our phone number or a recovery email and security questions. But if you don’t remember the answers to your security questions and don’t know How to Recover Yahoo Password without Security Question Steps to recover Yahoo password without security question Go to yahoo sign-in page Click on the option ‘Trouble signing-in’ This will direct you to another page. Enter either your sign-in email address or phone number. You can also provide your recovery email address or phone number associated with the account. Click ‘Continue’. If you enter your mobile number then an account key will be sent to you to verify your number. If you enter your email address then the account key will be sent to your mail to verify your email. Once it is verified that you are the owner of your Yahoo account then you will get access to your account. You can now reset your password. Make sure to set a strong password to keep your account secure. You can also save your password and store is at a safe place so that you don’t forget it in the future.