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  1. ChrisLee

    Ipod wont connect to itunes

    You try to force restart iPod´╝č If not, you can try it first. Another workable way is to enable "Find My iPhone" to restore your iPod with iCloud. If you can not back up before but you want to fix it without the risk of losing data, you are advised to utilize iPod system repair on Windows. It can settle your iPod not connecting to iTunes issue without any loss.
  2. ChrisLee

    How could I permanently unlock iPhone 4 using iTunes?

    Do you want to unlock iPhone 4 without passcode using iTunes? Yes, it is a nice way. Before you do it, you need to ensure that your iPhone has been synced with iTunes. If not, you can put your iPhone into recovery mode. You just press and hold Home and Power buttons until your iPhone is turned off. And then you need to keep holding the Home button and release the Power button until "Connect to iTunes" appears on your iPhone screen. That means your iPhone has been recovery. After doing this, you just click "Restore" to unlock your device. However, iTunes can't detect the device. On this occasion, you may give an iPhone unlocker named Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker a try. With it, you can permanently unlock the iPhone 4 at ease.