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  1. Steps to change Outlook password for iPhone users The outlook is free email service founded and launched in 1996, and it was known as Hotmail in the initial years and later in 2012 upgraded and renamed Outlook. Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in 1997 in 400 million dollars and it was renamed as MSN Hotmail by Microsoft. A person can create a free account in Outlook by filling the required details in the signup process. You can access your Outlook account from any device like computer, laptop, android phone or iPhone. To login your outlook account in iPhone you are required to download Outlook app and access your Outlook account with the help of email address and password you have created at the time of signing up for the account. Outlook change password option is also available for iPhone users. Outlook users who want to change password due to security reasons like someone else know your password but you don’t want them to access your account or due to any other reasons. The steps how to change Outlook password on iPhone are discussed below: · Go to the settings on your iPhone · Find mail, contacts, and calendars · Select mail and choose Outlook account · Go to account settings · Select password box and delete already entered password · Enter a new password in the box · Select done and your password is changed
  2. Ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone Gmail is the most popular email service developed by the email. It has more than a billion users across the globe. The users use Gmail on many different platforms. Due to its widespread use, Gmail may face many issues like not receiving emails. In this blog, we will learn how to fix Gmail not receiving emails on the iPhone.Many iPhone users have complained that their Gmail not receiving Emails. There is much troubleshooting for this problem:- It may be an email synchronization issue. Check server settings properly. Check if there is a proper internet connection on your iPhone. Delete the Gmail account on your iPhone and read it. Sometimes, this problem may be related to the Gmail app as well. Update email application properly. Check the settings of your iPhone properly. Charge your iPhone regularly. The above described are some of the solutions to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhones. Apply all these steps properly to enjoy the services of Gmail on the iPhones. The users are advised to keep the settings of their iPhones up to date. They can also visit their nearby iPhone stores in the hour of need.