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    Backup IMAP mail

    The Imap Backup tool we had used earlier backed our emails correctly. However, at the time of retrieval, we had no idea where to click. For us, the backup turned useless. Later we found Mail Backup X. This tool backed up the emails well. The viewer screen gave us an insight of all the backed up emails. The restoration was easy as copy and pasting any other item. Mail Backup X makes Backup Imap Mail look easy.
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    tapatalk is a good site indeed.
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    How to backup Gmail emails?

    Yes, there are plenty of options for the same. The most popular method is to use a mail client like Outlook/ Thunderbird. These applications store the emails in their local storages thus availing you back up. The only demerit it carries- the backed up emails might be missing the attachment and the contents. Otherwise, you may try on Mail Backup X. This tool backs up emails automatically. Moreover, the Backup files are completely downloaded for offline access. To know more on how to backup Gmail emails, give this tool a free trial.