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  1. Favorite Flash Games

    I like a lot of Flash games. But really my favorite game is happy wheels. It really is a great game.
  2. What are the requirements to run happy wheel games?

    I've played it here. You try it.
  3. The Kinect is overrated crapware.

    Kinect sounds great. I like Kinect
  4. Missing Photos OneDrive on the IPad

    I like you. Thank you Steve!
  5. Google Bubble HTML5 Logo Today

    Well it's really sweet, I saw it.
  6. Should i buy iphone 4S or should i wait for

    Now you should buy the iphone 8. It's great.
  7. Best & Worst Games of 2010

    Yes! Personally it is a very good list
  8. What Games Do You Play Right Now?

    I like a lot of games. But special flash games. especially run 3