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  1. Steve: i contacted MSI and after trying some diagnostic tests it was determined that the MB needed to be replaced. Thanks for the follow up.
  2. Steve..... Thanks for the reply. I contacted MSI support and, after a lengthy conversation, was told that the motherboard needed to replaced. Also, went to the link you supplied and found that the download was to be used to flash the Motherboard when only using Win-8. I am running Win-10 Pro x64.
  3. I asked this question several months ago and tried several of the suggestions, but I still cannot enter the Bios. I have a custom built computer using a MSI motherboard (990FXA-GD80 with 24-GB mem running the latest version of Win-10 / 64). When tapping "delete" upon startup the message "Entering Setup" appears. The screen turns gray and that's it. Nothing happens. Unfortunately I have misplaced the MSI installation disk.
  4. I will be retiring soon and will be on SS. What is the best and cheapest internet/wifi provider. I am currently with Comcast Xfinity at $115 per month for internet/wifi.
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