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  1. HI, I just intentionally imported songs into I-Tunes and kept the .wav format. (They were altered in another program and I don't want to risk losing ANY additional quality.) So, I do NOT want to convert them to any other format. Question: I tried to add cover art to these songs and although the option is NOT grayed out... it doesn't attach the cover art! I tried to manually add the cover art in several ways (as had worked in the past) ... and nothing works! That said, I noticed I have several .wav songs that DO (in fact) have the covert art attached! Soo... I WAS in fact able to add cover art to .wav files at some point in the past. I have no idea why it's suddenly not possible. Any ideas? Thank you in advance! Dave..
  2. Hi everyone!! I ripped a 2 hour concert audio from a DVD to an MP3 file using the highest possible bitrate of 320. (DVDFab software). It is ONE giant file containing the ENTIRE concert. I now want to use Audacity to cut up the file into the numerous concert tracks. So in other words .... I want to have one file for each song to play in I-tunes. Here is my question - ... Knowing that the file I am working with in Audacity is 320 MP3 bitrate.. Which option do I choose when I "export" each song file I create in Audacity to ensure I maintain the highest possible audio quality? Here are the options.... (please see attached file which is a screen shot of the Audacity Export Options) (My quick thought was NOT to use MP3 because the file is already an MP3 file and I don't want to compress an already compressed file... thereby further degrading the audio quality.) But not sure so that is why I am asking. Thanks! Dave ...