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  1. If I'm getting rid of a hard drive will reformatting it get rid of all my old data? I want to wipe the drive of information because I might recycle or resell the computer. Not sure which yet.
  2. funny video! That reminds me more of MadTV than typical SNL, great stuff. I found some good tips to avoid the fuss here: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2010/11/ ... gate-rape/ Here's one of my favorite images that just went viral
  3. download http://assets.groovypost.com/files/2010 ... ership.reg Open it and run it. Now restart your computer. Now, Right-Click the folder that is locked and Select "Take Ownership" - It should now be unlocked and you can access it.
  4. Quafe24


    Need some detailed info on SVCHOST.exe, anyone have some?
  5. It didn't give you a log-in dialog where you could enter an administrator user name/password? That's what it does for me. You might also need to create a user on the XP machine that has the same name and password as your windows 7 account user. Here is a write up on it from Microsoft: Networking home computers running different versions of Windows. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wind ... #section_9 Also, make sure your windows 7 shares are shared using Advanced sharing. That should guarantee they are accessible.
  6. I like the groovyPost one above! Here are my favorites: Click an image to view full size.
  7. To unlock any folder use this tool: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... s-folders/
  8. WOW...World of Weaksauce I don't think you could pay me to play that. I used to, and I quit - biggest waste of time ever. You spend 6 months getting the best armor in the game so you can go PVP, then they just UP the level limit and now your "epic armor" is worse off than the common stuff found on the new high level mobs. I'll stick to just not playing games at all, much less frustrating than dealing with the crap that passes as a "game" now-a-days. Also - LOTR online sucks.
  9. I've only run Windows, the only Apple product I've ever owned is an iPod Touch. From my experience, Windows is just as secure as Mac. If you download a Mac virus, Mac will get infected. If you download a WIndows virus, Windows will get infected. There really isn't much of a difference other than that hackers tend to target Windows more since nobody in the "real" computer world uses Mac.
  10. Internet Explorer is a catastrophe. Switch to Firefox or better yet, Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will be out of beta soon and that looks very promising, so maybe wait until that is out and then you can upgrade.
  11. I had this problem with connecting my XP systems to my Windows Server 2008. I think the main reason is that Windows 7 has different sharing permissions. Try this... On your Windows 7 Machine - Open the Start Menu - Search for "Manage Advanced Sharing Options" then open it. - Under Home or Work - Turn On File & Printer Sharing - On the same page Turn on Network Discovery Now on the XP SP3 machine -Open My Network Places -View Workgroup Computers From there you should be able to see your Windows 7 machine now and be able to connect. Hopefully...
  12. Just wanted to pop up in here and say: Here is the battle, Bacconaise vs. Bacon Jam. Bacconaise WON, HANDS DOWN! Go Bacconaise!
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