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  1. Is there a way to directly download a file link? Like say I'm listening to a .mp3 like: http://whitenoisemp3s.com/previews/Rain ... 3s-com.mp3 How would I download a link like that without having to post it on a website first and using the save-as option in the context menu. (like i just did hehe)
  2. I looked at some Dells and Hps They all look like I will have to spend a lot more than $500 to get a good computer. So I am going to take what little hardware knowledge I have and try to build one. What's a good site to buy computer parts from?
  3. I want to either build a new pc for games or order a new PC. I need it to be top notch but inexpensive. Any suggestions?
  4. The web browser you are using doesn't usually determine the speed of your internet connection There are rare cases, such as if you are on an OLD computer or you are running an extremely outdated version of your browser. In those cases you might run into your browser or your computer being what is slowing down your connection. The connection speed you described: 1757 down, 550 up; sounds an awful lot like you have Satellite internet or DSL. If that is the case then the only possible way you'll be able to increase your speed is to find a different internet provider, one that isn't satelli
  5. Thanks for the answer dexter So what you're saying is they are still on the ipod but they are just over on additional pages to the right but the iphone only lets you see the first 6 pages okay I'll try option 1 first, I'd rather not have to start out from scratch again on my iphone so i'll do option 2 if I can't get option 1 to work right.
  6. Hey I had this same problem, it was caused by my wifi router.
  7. Anyone know of a way to stream Hulu to the Playstation 3? I've heard of PlayON but they want $30 to buy the software. And then I've tried Tversity Pro but I can't get it to work. Well Tversity almost works but then I get a corrupted data error when trying to play the file.
  8. Hello, I have the Windows 7 pre-order and I saw a preview video somewhere on the net that showed rotating and changing backgrounds on the desktop. I tried to set this up but my backgrounds won't change. I used the personalize options and tried to set it for 5 minutes but after 5 minutes nothing happens, is there an update or a patch I'm missing? Thanks!
  9. Hey just a quick and probably dumb question. Earlier today I installed about 200 free applications last night on my iPhone but when I scroll to the right it stops going over at 5-6 pages and won't let me go past it. I know I installed some programs but they aren't showing up at all, is there a way to scroll to the right more to find the extra apps I installed? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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