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  1. You know with my version of Office 2010 I don't even think it installed Click to Run. I'm trying to find it!
  2. Hi LJGBronx That is one of the weirdest problems I've heard of yet. Did you install any other software at all? There are a few programs out there like Comodo VPN that will block alt-s and a few other hotkeys. It has to be a software issue at this point if you've already tested it with different keyboards.
  3. technically you could use photoshop to create a picture from scratch. Like this elephant seal: There was even one where someone was "created" using photoshop. A realistic picture of somebody but it was drawn using photoshop, it was so real it looked like a photo. I can't find it on google though.
  4. Rufio


    that sucks, makes me mad too.
  5. oh cool, a tmp file might be it. to open a .tmp file that you KNOW is for Excel, just right-click it and do Open With > Select Program then choose Excel 2007 to open it.
  6. iphone 4 killer. yes indeed. I'm getting one of these the day they come out. On June 23 when they either launch it or announce the official release date they are supposed to be sending the demos out to Verizon stores so you can test them out. the only thing that comes close to this is the Evo 4g
  7. Hey GorbosMonster nice to meet you! That sucks! Hours of work... Hopefully it's still up somewhere. You said you opened it in Gmail? If you were editing it from there it might have opened up in Google Docs, you might want to check it at http://docs.google.com. Google Docs automatically save so if it is in there it should be in it's full entirety. If not.. I'm so programmed with Office 2010 now I can't remember the recover options for 2007, maybe one of the groovy dudes knows.
  8. According to the UK telegraph over 60% of users that were questioned said they were going to delete their account. Out of the 60% that said they plan to quit, 16% have already quit. I don't think people are ever going to completely give up on Facebook though, I mean there are some people that are just waaaay too addicted too it. There are some people that still use Myspace, but I don't know of any.. I think its mostly for music and anime videos nowadays. But Facebook doesn't really have anything like that.. no good music, no videos.. I wonder what will happen to it.
  9. So Facebook is boasting in a book called The Facebook Effect Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Facebook-Effect-I ... 439102112/ Supposedly Zuckerberg has designed a system that tracks who you look at, who you're in photos with, who you chat with, and other information. That info is then used to calculate the odds of you dating that person and how long it would take. It's actually kind of freaky and I don't like it. Even if they keep the results of this "experiment" private, it freaking creeps me out that some nerds who work for Facebook are trying to stick their finger in my romantic
  10. Looks like Microsoft is the Tortoise in this race...
  11. So I used the Advanced User Profile Properties manager to change a username on my Windows 7 machine. Problem is it only changed the user login name on my local machine. When I try to network share in I still am required to type in the old name, and when I go to my /Users folder the profile folder is still named after the old account name. Anyway to change the name and also change the location of these folders and permissions?
  12. Are you sure you're not looking at a bad network shortcut?
  13. Rufio


    I play it too and have been impressed so far. There are TONS of people playing it and the play is pretty good. Not as good as DAoC.. but what is? There is a private classic DAoC server named Uthgard that has an average of 500 players on, I think that is the most popular one. Allods on the other hand has easily 10,000 users on average. The leveling system reminds me of DAoC except it has much more personalization. After level 4 you choose every single one of your skills and then at level 10 you start to choose "Rubies" which are like bonus skills. Combat is similar, but more fast-pac
  15. Amazon is a safe bet. I went as far to become an Amazon Prime member so I can get FREE 2-day shipping on a lot of stuff. Sometimes they have some really nice sales, sometimes stuff is cheaper elsewhere but I really like Amazon. Glad I don't live in WA, I get to avoid the sales tax too! Another place I really like is Newegg, they have a lot of computer gear and they are very reliable and have great customer care. For snowboard stuff, I won't shop anywhere but SierraSnowboard. Period. (except for the occasional snow goggle or snow glove deals at Costco)
  16. NICE BACKGROUNDS! I downloaded all of them and am now rotating them as a set in Windows 7. Thanks!
  17. Can anyone reccomend a service for online web/net meetings? My business requirse conference calls and meetings but it is often impossible and very expensive to gather everyone together to a physical location for brief 30 minute meetings. A free service would be great but a paid one will work too.
  18. Is it possible to initiate a remote desktop connection without locking the computer that you are connecting into?
  19. Just saw the demo video for chrome OS, it looks pretty good but its on a netbook.
  20. Hey so I deleted my sticky notes shortcut and now I don't know where to get a new one.. is there a control panel setting or something?
  21. How is WindCDEmu? I haven't tried that but I like the whole "light-weight" thing, so I might give it a go. Just wondering if you've had a good experience with it.
  22. I looked around and then decided to try a new power supply. Installed the new power supply -presto- no more beeping. Computer booted up! Not sure what's going on, maybe the motherboard was freaking out because it had too little power or something.
  23. Yeah I couldnt find the manual for my motherboard but I was able to look it up on the Gigabyte website. Turns out it's beeping because it was unable to detect the cpu fan, but I have it plugged in and it's working so I'm not sure why it keeps beeping.
  24. Whenever i try to boot up my comptuer, nothing shows on screen. My motherboard makes some wierd beeps but I'm not sure whats going on.. Yes this is a new computer I am building hehe, plz help!
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