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  1. This guy is named Ted Williams, he is 53 years old and has been homeless for the last several years. Previously he had a normal life and education, but it all went down the toilet when he turned to alcohol, drugs, and gambling for entertainment. Reddit and other popular websites Here is him, literally last week: [flash=640,385] And here is is, today: [flash=640,385]
  2. Hey golfie, Yeah google has a way of making that a little bit complicated by calling it "bounce" rate. A bounce rate is just the amount of single page views, or the percentage of people that hit the landing page (first page they see from entering via an external link) and then they left without viewing another. It's just a little bit different than exit rate, which is how many people leave from that page.
  3. If you're computer was infected before installing protection there's a small chance the scanners won't remove everything. It may be a little overkill but if you want to be 100% sure you're clean the I'd suggest a system reformat. (I suspect mrgroove will write a how-to for that soon). Then installing protection right off the bat. It's all about preventing he infection, once you're PC gets sick it is never the same again unless you reformat.
  4. Just thought I would throw this out there, I came across a very effective anti-virus system which uses a very small amount of system resources. It is called NOD32, it is inexpensive, easy to set up, and essentially once you've installed it you never have to worry about it again. It self-updates about every 3 hours with new definitions and the program will update itself as well if you allow it. Works great with scanning emails from outlook, internet sites, msdocuments, and files which you download or are already existing on your system. And I believe the only thing which has to be set up is the email scanner. I used to use Norton and Mcafee, and as long as eset is around I will keep it like that. http://www.eset.com/ -gc
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