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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials Download link <-- Click to download from Microsoft.com
  2. We'll need more information to properly answer this question. What email client are you using? If Outlook, was it on an Exchange server? How long ago were the emails deleted?
  3. To delete your Page or Place: Click Edit Page in the upper-right corner of your Page Select Manage Permissions from the left sidebar Click Delete [Your Page Name] Alternatively you can unpublish your page and make it instantly hidden from public view. Another fast way to have your Facebook page deleted is to publicly upload content that violates Facebooks Terms of Service (ToS).
  4. Dottech did some comprehensive comparison testing of the free suites out there. Avira is better than MSE on several fronts, but MSE is free and doesn't display advertisements like Avira does. With that said I would stick with MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials). There is absolutely no reason for a home user to pay for Antivirus nowadays. And if you are in a corporate environment, absolutely steer clear of Norton, Mcafee, and Trend Micro. -- Performance -- -- Malware Removal Score -- [images from Dottech.org]
  5. You're close. Use the Insert Video from File button as normal. But, when selecting a file in the browse Window there is a small down arrow next to the Insert button. Click the small arrow and you'll see an option to "Link to File" Note: To prevent complications with broken links, keep the videos in the same folder as your presentation, and link then them there.
  6. Brian writes, I just got done reading your post regarding backing up the Win 7 System.I did that and also made a disk as well.I have a 500 gig drive that has 60gbfor the Main C drive and the balancefor my D drive. I can separate the Dinto 2 partitions but I need to add 1of those blank partitions onto mySystem partition “C” drive. Now thatI have an image and a disk, how can Ido this? I just can’t expand the Cdrive like I can all the others.drive like I can all the others.
  7. The Kindle Fire actually has USB Debugging set to enabled by default. If you want to use it however, you'll need to set up your Windows 7 computer to recognize it. I'm soon publishing a full screenshot-guide for this, but in the meantime here are the basic steps. Install the Java JDK and Android SDK (the Android SDK requires the Java to run properly) Open up %userprofile%.androidadb_usb.ini and add 0x1949 to a separate line in it. Download the Amazon Google-Android USB Driver and update it on your USB connected Kindle. Restart the local ADB server. (restarting your computer also works) The Kindle Fire should be recognized by ADB now!
  8. Does your exchange server require the connection to be tunneled through a VPN? As far as I know, a VPN connection can only be shared from physical computer (host) to the virualbox virtualmachine (guest) When you are connecting to the VPN on the Windows 7 virtualmachine, then you won't have a VPN connection on the Mac. If this is the case, you'll need to either connect to the VPN directly on your physical Mac - or install Microsoft Office 2010 on the Windows guest machine.
  9. Sure do! This function you are describing is called a "Spin Button" in excel. There are also two-types of Spin Buttons: Form, or ActiveX. A Form Spin Button is easier to use, but an Active X can be customized more.Here's how to add them: 1: First, enable the developer Ribbon in Microsoft Excel.detailed instructions here 2: On the developer tab,click Insert > Spin Button (form control). 3: Click on the location in the document that you want the up/down buttons to appear. They are not locked into cells so you can move and resize them freely. 4: Make sure the spin button is selected, and then click Properties on the ribbon. 5: Fill out the values as needed. The cell link is the cell in the spreadsheet they will show up in. Hope this helps!
  10. Beatrice writes: I have a question, I know how to do a data validation drop down but I need the one list with two buttons in the same cell and a range of years.Do you know how to do this? I work for the school district and they need a particular calendar. They have a cell where you can list the year but it list whole number with a range of 1999 to 2999 and has two buttons.... one to go up in years and one to go lower... Hope this makes sense
  11. A VPN should connect through a Virtualbox without any problem as long as that Virtualbox has internet. Below are the network settings I've used to sucessfully connect to my personal VPN.
  12. Asim recently wrote me this email: ...Our company has a VPN that we loginto, I have a macbook pro machine andi have installed Windows 7 as a guestusing vm virtual box in this syste. Iam wondering, can we creat a vpnconnection on guest OS Windsows 7? I'm overwhelmed by the network optionsavailable and was hoping you couldprovide some direction...
  13. If you're using the upgrade version of Windows 7 on a computer without an operating system installed, you might not be able to activate this type of installation. The upgrade version requires Windows XP or Windows Vista to be installed on the computer to activate Windows 7. During setup, you need to leave the product key box empty. To activate Windows 7, go to the Microsoft Support website.
  14. This is an odd one. It sounds like your computer is hooked up to a domain or something. Try going to the Start menu and typing in "lusrmgr.msc" This will open up the local users and groups manager. From here you should be able to right-click on a user and Set Password.
  15. SU.PR also works, and it has a bonus of automatically submitting everything to stumble upon.
  16. Yikes, that is going to be a tough registry key to track down. I would recommend uninstalling the wireless card and then reinstaling it using the most recent software you can find. You'll need another computer and a USB drive or other portable media to do this if you dont have network access though.
  17. Files aren't always deleted immediately. You might be able to track down your temporary internet files folder and get the file back.
  18. A good way to avoid this might be to set your temporary internet folder to sync in Dropbox with a symlink. We have two articles on the topic: Setup Any Folder to Sync With Dropbox and Sync Dropbox to never lose Office Files
  19. This has something to do with Google Desktop, that is for sure. I am not having this problem at all using Chrome and Google+. Also, I would never, ever use Google Desktop.
  20. Free text services and apps typically use a 5 digit common-short-code (CSC). These CSC are expensive short numbers used primarily by large businesses, licenses range from $500-$1500 per month so an individual will almost never ever have one of these. By default, most wireless carries accept incoming texts and phone calls from them. If someone is texting you from such a number, there is no way to tell who it is. But, you still have a few options. You can lookup the shortcode provider and make a complaint directly to them, in which case their account might be deleted and in the best case your number will be blocked from their users. You can reply STOP to the number that is texting you and the service provider is likely to block people from sending messages to your number. Call your own wireless provider and ask them to block all the number. Some are able to block individual CSC numbers, but others might have to block ALL CSC at once. For more information on CSC see the U.S. official CSC administraiton page.
  21. The Samsung Epic is the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S. It runs Android.
  22. Which email app are you using? I don't have this problem on my Epic 4g.
  23. This is likely because older games are designed to run on the GLIDE API used by older video cards. Newer cards don't implement or support this API. I suggest installing a glide emulator such as http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide. That should fix performance!
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