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  1. It sounds like the there is some kind of compatibility issue between the router and the modem. Most common, is the router is not automatically receiving an IP form the modem's built-in DHCP server. If you can login to the modem directly (connect your computer to the modem directly and visit its IP) by visiting it's local IP (probably then you might be able to manually assign an IP address to the router in its software. Once done there, the same thing would need to be done to the router. Another issue, although less common, is that the ISP could be taking issue with the MAC address of your router. I had this problem once and had to use MAC address cloning to duplicate the modem's MAC address onto the router in order for the connection to go through, and then I just forwarded the modem's connection to it. In either case it may be beneficial to contact your ISP.
  2. Regarding apps running in the background Android 4.0 has an option in Settings > Developer Options > Apps > Don't keep activities - If enabled will kill all apps that you aren't currently using. This has saved me a ton of battery life. In this same place you can also limit background processes to 1 or none, and that will also save more battery life. Regarding Apps Updating themselves If you open up the Google Play store and press the settings button, there are 2 different options that might help here. Auto-update apps Update over Wi-Fi only Disabling auto-update will make it so apps don't update unless you manually decide to do it. And the Update over Wi-Fi only will still allow apps to automatically update, but only when on a WiFi connection (which you manually connected to either at present or setup sometime in the past) granted that you have the WiFi function of your phone turned on.
  3. Free memory is wasted memory While I agree with this quote, when it comes to improving battery life it isn't entirely accurate. Memory requires power in order to retain whatever is being stored/used in it. This is true whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or iPad. The problem with Task Killers on Android is that they often use more battery to run than the apps sitting in the background.
  4. Woohoo, I'm glad you got it figured out! It was those pesky drivers after all.
  5. First I would try Moxier Mail, if that doesn't work there is the other app below. As much as I like to only recommend free apps, Outlook Web Mobile ($4.99) for Android is probably what you'll need in this case.
  6. Yes it is! Google will kick you off their search engine for a number of reasons. Mainly being: Stolen / copy pasta'd content from other websites. If your site contains mostly plagiarized content Google won't be happy about it. Copyrighted materials. This is a more recent change, but Google is blocking sites that share copyrighted content. Aggregation sites - if you run a blog that just pulls in feeds from other sites, Google will probably block you. Automated sites - Google isn't too fond of sites where all of the content is automated and entered by robots / scripts. Keyword stuffing - Google really, really hates this. This involves just posting pages of text with search-friendly keywords with little actual real content. The same goes for real content with invisible keywords hidden via small or white text. Duplicate content - if you have duplicate pages, or duplicate websites, say goodbye to google. Link chaining or link looping / spamming - you've probably heard of "mutual links" or "affiliate links" etc.. Google will punish you for artificially inseminating the internet with spam links to your website or on your website. The same goes if your website is nothing more than a farm of paid for links to other websites. Inflated viewership bots - This involves hiring an "SEO" firm to raise your views "magically". This usually involves tricking users into visiting your site, or having automated computer farms visit your site. Google will know that you are doing this, and punish you for it. Other search engines are likely to follow the same guidelines, but currently the only one that really matters is Google as it retains 85% of all internet search traffic.
  7. Hi Jeff. This question was already covered at this URL: http://answers.groovypost.com/questions/369/how-can-i-figure-out-who-is-texting-me-from-a-text-free-app If that still leaves you wanting to learn more, feel free to leave another comment on this question! Nice to meet you, and welcome to groovyAnswers -Austin Krause
  8. When did you purchase Office, and do you have a receipt? The Office Pre-Launch Offer has two distinct periods for this offer: Eligibility Period: from October 19, 2012 to April 30, 2013: You must purchase, install, and activate your Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011 product. You may sign up at Office.com/offer to be notified by email when the products are ready for download. Redemption Period – from the availability dates of the new Office to May 31, 2013: If you signed up, you will receive an email from Microsoft when the new Office is ready for download. You must redeem the offer at Office.com/offer within the redemption period. If you purchased it between the qualifying dates then yes, Office Home and Student 2010 is eligible for a free upgrade to 2013. Other requirerements are found at: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/offer/pre-launch-offer-details-and-terms-FX102902434.aspx#Qualifying
  9. Apparently Google decided it was time to make their website more difficult to use. The sidebar is gone for good, or at least until people complain enough for them to bring it back. Here's the post on it by a Google Employee: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/websearch/xcv50_kJ9Pc/OQRM0rIAktEJ This change was done in the name of "mobile optimzation." Ugh. For now, to bring back the old interface you can use http://www.google.ca but it's probably just a matter of time until that one is changed as well.
  10. Twitter Facebook Google Plus Stumbleupon Pinterest Reddit YouTube Digg 9gag
  11. I'm not to clear on what you are having trouble with. Are websites not loading while you are in NYC, but they are loading while you are at home? Or is it folders on your hard drive that you can't access? By spinning up, are you referring to your hard drive or web browser?
  12. I'll test this out and see if there is a fix in the latest version. Thanks for the question!
  13. Do you have a Windows XP installation disc? If you can, I'd recommend ditching Windows XP. Get Windows 7. It runs better than XP and doesn't have the problems or vulnerabilities XP does.
  14. For these buttons to work it requires Sony's proprietary software. Luckily, the packages required t operate the Brightness buttons isn't bloated like their Vaio Care crapware. To set it up, visit http://esupport.sony.com/US/p/select-system.pl?DIRECTOR=DRIVER and type in your model number. On a Vaio this should be found below the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once on the model's support page, download the following: SYSTEM COMPONENTS Sony® Firmware Extension Parser Device Driver Sony® Shared Library NOTEBOOK CONTROL AND UTILTIESSony® Notebook Utilities Note that this should include two other services within it, the Event Manager and Setting Utility Series. Be sure to also install any updates available for those services.. Now once you finish installing all of those your brightness keys should work. You might run into an error window that tells you "the installed battery may not be properly connected." This isn't an error to be worrieed about, it's just a false alarm. To disable it browse to C:/Program Files (x86)/Sony/ and delete the ISB Utility folder.
  15. If you hooked it up to a Google account the phone will give you an option to change the pin/password. If not, you have to factory reset it from the recovery boot. To do this hold down the volume up button + power while the phone is turned off. It should boot into recovery and there will be a factory reset option.
  16. I think this can be done using the Facebook messenger program that you download to your computer. You can download it here: https://www.facebook.com/about/messenger
  17. Are you using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, or Safari? All of these browsers have a neat little favorites button you can use to favorite any website anywhere in the world. It really comes in handy. If you'd like details on using it, just let me know what browser you are using - I'd be happy to help!
  18. I would try using Opera Mobile and setting the user interface to Desktop rather than mobile.
  19. It sounds like you're router still has you signed in under a different IP. Is your wireless card set to automatically obtain an IP address? If this is the case the router has already assigned you a new IP from it's DHCP server and you won't be able to connect to the router from the new address. You can confirm this by finding your local IP address and seeing if it is different than the one on the router's page. There's a couple of ways to fix this. Power off the router and then power it back on. Go into your Wireless Adapters's IPv4 settings and manually set your IP address so it matches the one on the router ( page. In your case these settings would be: IP address: Subnetmask: Default Gateway: Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server: . . . You rhould be able to log in either way you do it, hope this helps!
  20. Okay. I did some testing and figured it out. On your computer install iExplorer 3. Connect the iPhone via USB. Open iExplorer 3. Click Apps, Click TextMe. Open the documents folder. Right-click on database.sql and "Export it to folder" (choose your desktop). Go to the desktop and right-click on database.sql and open it with Notepad or Notepad++ Perform a search (Ctrl+F) and look for "number". The number should be listed right after it.
  21. Port forwarding is for allowing application through the router firewall. You shouldn't ever have to touch this nowadays. QoS only works on home routers regarding upload speeds. Yeah... pretty much hopeless. (Unless you find out you actually have a really fast internet connection and your router just sucks) FYI the WRT120N is a pretty horrible piece of junk, but if your ISP connection is slow it won't help upgrading it.
  22. Ah... iPhone. In that case it might be tough. If you can install a PC program like iPhone Browser that should let you browse the filesystem of the phone while it is connected to your PC via USB. If you look in the app's folder there should be some record of the TextMe nickname/number used for that particular network. It may be in a text file, or it might be in a config file. Or it might not be visible. It's hard to say. I'll try to check it out tomorrow when I have time to test with my spare iPhone.
  23. Theoretically you can manually remap your entire keyboard in the Windows Registry. But it will be a VERY LONG AND TEDIOUS process. I don't recommend it. If all you're after is Caps Lock though, I recommend the article Brian linked.
  24. Looks like Roboform is $9 to $20 a year. http://www.roboform.com/php/pums/rfprepay.php?lic=default〈=en
  25. This is a good explanation. But to put more simply, once you buy an app from the iTunes or Android market, it is from then on permanently attached to your market account. This means that the install icon will now show up instead of the price, even on a brand new phone. And, some files will remain leftover on the phone file system even after uninstall. Blame that on lazy/sloppy app developers.
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