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  1. Im pretty positive it's all right,


    Those are the steps I used to recover the keys, however halfway through dumping it stopped suddenly, but I was still able to recover the keys, is it possible that the abrupt stop caused a corruption? The aaa key is 10 digits long alpha numeric caps and lowercase does that sound right? I've checked over the ppp settings many times, everything seems to be holding (using build 215 of QPST for PPP settings). The only setting that doesn't "stay" is the password for the PPP authentication. I assume this is supposed to disappear and or not read after you write it to the phone, and then open the program again. My HA key was vmug33k, from what I've read all or most of those should be the same. But yes data seems to be all I'm lacking.

    Thanks again for the help.

    Edit: I should mention, I did find the HA key in the dump file and it did read as I wrote above, I didn't just assume that they were all the same. And yes my profile 2 does read @prov.vmobl.com

    Also, I guess I should ask, When I followed the steps in the video, I assumed all my settings should be identical to this users considering he was also switching to the fascinate, is this the case? If not, Maybe I have changed some settings that messed it up. I don't expect you to watch the full 20 min video, but DFS CDMA tool I checked/unchecked some boxes as he had them in the video (near the end). And in QPST (about 3/4 through the video) I changed some of the LCP IPCP and IPCPv6 settings from Um and AN, also the retries under PPP authentication (from 3 to 5). And I believe (I can't really remember) I changed the primary and secondary DNS under special settings (PPP Um also) to really hope I didn't muck something up.


    Well M_Nation,

    Because you have voice/text working, it means that the majority of your information is correct.

    The data connection is managed by the Profiles 0, 1, 2 and the PPP Config. These sections only deal with 3G Data and don't affect voice/text. Something in the settings is buggered up.

    Double-check everything

  2. Hello everyone, I have been trying to switch my service from my crappy wildfire S to a samsung fascinate. I followed the guide as depicted here, and here.



    I have managed to receive incoming texts on the fascinate, but I cannot send them. I also cannot place calls as I get "error 16 redirecting to 38" or something along the lines.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.


    I finally got all the settings to stick in QPST (had issues with ppp) but still I cannot dial out/text out.. (not sure about incoming calls)


    So just the data isn't working?

    Usually it's something to do with the PPP Config page.

    I don't know why, but sometimes some of the information on those pages gets cleared out.

    Do you have your yourMEID#@mdata.vmobl.com correct?Also are you sure you have the correct HA key and AAA key? I don't know if the Wildfire has a different HA key than the intercept.

    And on the Profiles page is profile 2 set to yourMEID#@**prov**.vmobl.com ?

  3. SD 99% Alcohol works just fine.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT USE A Q-TIP or other type of paper cloth that is likely to leave behind paper particles. You do not want any particles leftover on the CPU.

    My personal favorite is coffee filters. They are cheap, disposable, and designed not to disintegrate. If you fold one in half and soak it with alcohol it should be strong enough to clean off all of the thermal paste on a CPU and the motherboard.

    Make sure you use new paste with the new CPU.

  4. Open Device Manager

    Unknown devices will have a yellow question mark

    select the unknown device and right click on it to bring up the properties box-Click on the Details tab and select Device Instance ID from the drop down box. You will now see something like this


    The VEN and DEV numbers are the Vendor and Device IDs


    This man knows what he's talking about!

  5. Error 16 is created because the carrier has detected a cloned phone.

    You'll have to try to place a call and it should reroute you to Sprint support who will ask you for some details:

    • Are you a sprint Customer? .. No you are Virgin Mobile
    • What phone are you using? .. Wildfire

    I don't recommend telling them about the fascinate. Make sure your Wildfire is in airplane mode and/or turned off. Don't ever turn it on / take it out of airplane mode again or you'll have this same problem again.


    You can mark it answered you can use the little checkmark by the upvote/downvote arrows. I went ahead and marked it this time.

    I'm happy to help!

  6. The best antivirus programs are listed here:


    If you are Windows 8 it includes security automatically, by Microsoft. If you are on Windows 7 you can grab Microsoft Security Essentials for free.

    Generally speaking, Windows Defender / Security Essentials (Microsoft's solution) is just as good as the paid programs. Well, paid programs may offer a 5% improvement in security, but that is all.

  7. Error 16 is created because the carrier has detected a cloned phone.

    You'll have to try to place a call and it should reroute you to Sprint support who will ask you for some details:

    • Are you a sprint Customer? .. No you are Virgin Mobile
    • What phone are you using? .. Wildfire

    I don't recommend telling them about the fascinate. Make sure your Wildfire is in airplane mode and/or turned off. Don't ever turn it on / take it out of airplane mode again or you'll have this same problem again.

  8. No problem.

    First you would need to boot from a System Repair Disk, which you could create using another USB or CD/DVD. A System Repair Disk will boot separately from windows, it doesn't require Windows to be installed.

    Once your System Repair is loaded it can then restore a system image with just a few clicks. If you notice during the creation of the System Image windows automatically prompts to create a System Repair Disk. But if you don't want to create one the Windows 7 installation disk/usb also works.

  9. Question from a groovy reader:

    Hi Austin,

    I read your web page on backp/restore using M.S. backup as provided.

    I have this BIG doubt, though:

    If my Windows 7 does not boot due to failure or whatever, and I do have the backup image in a USB hard disk, how do I RESTORE the image back?

    Up to Windows XP I have been using Acronis, and that software can boot itself from a CD, so even one can restore to a new hard-disk.

    I have not bot Acronis because I read it has issues, possibly due to changes in Windows 7, so naturally I would like to use Microsoft backup, but am holding on answer to my questions.

    I hope you can afford some brief help just to avoid surprises.


  10. The focus of groovypost answers is anything that is information-technology related.

    If you see a completely irrelevant and off-topic post, please report it. Most likely, the posts that you have seen are spammers somehow circumventing our anti-spam system, or paid "SEO" shills unsuccessfully trying to drop links to their sites. I'm removing them as soon as I see them, and we're working on a system to further prevent any "spam bots" from posting.

    For non-tech stuff, please see the Off-Topic section of the forum.

  11. I posted an answer here: http://answers.groovypost.com/questions/2099/outlook-2010-vbscript-to-cc-or-bcc-in-the-inbox-that-is-being-sent-from?page=1#2185

    There are 4 posts from me, 1 asking the question and 3 answers. The most recent answer is the best solution. I just posted it so it doesn't have any votes yet. The one that was voted on does have an issue when it is saved as draft. So look for the newest post by zines, this solves the issue when the email is saved as a draft.


    Nice script. I went ahead and voted it up!

  12. This one right here is the best on the web:


    Just type in the letters you have, and the letter on the board you will build off of. It will tell you every single possible combination for Words with Friends.

    Please note that Words with Friends does not use the same dictionary as Scrabble, so obscure words that work in one may not work in the other. But this site thought ahead and there are individual webapps for both games.

    alt text

  13. What kind of music and film are you looking to download for free? If so you may want to check with your local laws first before attempting to do so.

    Websites like http://deturl.com/ offer a web interface for grabbing video and music from YouTube for free, but again it may be illegal in your country.

    On the other hand there is free music out there with that is completely legal to download. The Creative Commons org has a link to several sources for free music, here: http://creativecommons.org/legalmusicforvideos

    There are also legally free films available here: http://www.indiemoviesonline.com/free-movies or you can check out YouTube and just stream them. The full list can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/movies/videos?sort=dd&tag_id=&view=26

  14. Hi Mike. This problem is rather specific to certain Android phones and is determined by the UI that the phone is running. It seems both stock HTC and Samsung offer the ability to hide apps from being visible in the app drawer. There are also some custom launchers that allow it, such as Launcher Pro.

    In the cases for for either of the stock launchers of those brands, the hide function can be found by opening the app drawer and then pressing the menu button. There should be an Edit option that lets you change whether or not an app is hidden, and provide a list of hidden apps.

    If you are using Launcher Pro, it's slightly different. From the Homescreen (or app drawer) press the menu button and browse to:

    Preferences > General Settings >Hidden Apps

    You should be able to un-hide the apps from there. Screenshots can be found in this Launcher Pro support article.

    Let me know if that solves your problem! Thanks Mike.

  15. groovyPost reader, Mike, asks:

    After I got my 1st smartphone, an htcWildfire S by T-mobile, last year Iwas, "Cleaning it up" a little andfollowed an article something likethis one that I just read, possibly toaccess a setting:

    and hid the shortcuts in my appsdrawer to a couple of apps likeStocks, Voice Recorder, etc. I can'tremember how/what I did. I'd like toreverse it. I can see those apps inLauncher Pro's app drawer, but not inHTC Sense's. They're not listed inthe Personalize>>Add app to Homeeither, but are inApplications>>Manage>>All.

    They're not disabled in SDK. Ichecked, and besides if they werethey'd be hidden in Launcher Pro also.

    I am fairly computer literate and thusmight, alternately have done somethingin SDK...although I was brand new tosmartphones, I remember being nervous,but understood enough to follow thearticle.

    I've spent a LOT of time trying tofind this, and just can't. I'd reallyappreciate any info/insight you mightoffer.

    Thanks, Mike

  16. Hi Hammad,

    I never even heard of this one before so these are just suggestions.

    My first thought is that the malicious files have processes running which are preventing the files from being deleted properly.


    You could use task manager to search for these processes but first I would try assigning a different letter to the USB drive. For drives with software installed this almost always causes the software to stop working. With any malicious processes stopped you can do a full format on the USB drive which will hopefully nuke that SVCHost, its data folder and anything else on there.


    In addition try using USB Oblivion to remove anything left behind In the registry on that computer by the infected USB drive. Here is the link http://code.google.com/p/usboblivion/

    If that doesn’t work then there is a program called Autorun Eater which finds and removes malicious files from USB drives. I haven’t used it myself but its free and looks worth a try if no one else can help. Here’s the link http://oldmcdonald.wordpress.com/

    If neither of these work, my only suggestion is to try another manual delete.

    First check task manager for any processes that the files are running and end them. Then using an elevated command prompt to avoid any administrator rights that may be protecting the files, remove any read only attributes on the unwanted files and delete them. Then double check that they are deleted properly.

    Use the command prompt to check for any other suspicious files or directories including hidden ones, end any processes they have running and delete them. Double check they are deleted and if not continue looking for any process that is preventing the delete.

    Let me know how you get on


    When my PC catches a virus, I always format as a rule of thumb. Once infected it is near impossible to fully trust your computer regardless of how well you removed the threat.

    Nuke it from orbit!

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