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  1. his is a common issue which may occur when you remove log files that has not been committed to the associated database, which may lead to many serious problems. You can solve this problem by removing all previous log files and moving transaction log files to a different folder, but before that you need to check database consistency state. For that follow these steps below: Stop Information Store Service of Exchange and halt all databases in the storage group. After that you need to verify the integrity of the database for that run Eseutil /mh command and examine the ‘State’ value under its header information. If the database is in consistent state, you can safely remove all transaction log files and save them to a different folder but make sure you don’t remove the current transaction log files. If the database is in inconsistent state, restore from the last backup. If backup is invalid, run Eseutil /r command for soft recovery. 6. If still it display error, run Eseutil /p command for hard recovery but this hard recovery may cause you data loss as it deletes all the corrupt pages. If your problem is still not getting resolved read comments here: http://community.office365.com/en-us/f/172/t/255350.aspx
  2. Hi everyone! I have a problem… I can’t open microsoft project file. When attempting to open this file I receive an error message: "There was a problem opening this project last time, do you want to attempt a repair?" If I choose yes or no for the repair I still get the same result after, which is another message saying: "This action will cause a scheduling conflict. Task 266 of XXX with status upd...'has a task constraint or is linked to a task that cannot move, and as a result the constraint or the link cannot be set. You can, cancel or continue."Does anyone know how I can go about recovering this file? I want to find a solution.
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