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    Steve: i contacted MSI and after trying some diagnostic tests it was determined that the MB needed to be replaced. Thanks for the follow up.
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    I asked this question several months ago and tried several of the suggestions, but I still cannot enter the Bios. I have a custom built computer using a MSI motherboard (990FXA-GD80 with 24-GB mem running the latest version of Win-10 / 64). When tapping "delete" upon startup the message "Entering Setup" appears. The screen turns gray and that's it. Nothing happens. Unfortunately I have misplaced the MSI installation disk.
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    I would have never solved this without this article. When a group gets deleted it goes into the deleted item as the date the Group was created and not deleted. Would have never thought of that. Thanks for your help...
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    Welcome!! Question MrGroove - What is the purpose for the groovyPost.com Forum? Answer Ever since I started groovyPost.com, I've usually get 5-10 emails a day from readers with Simple -> Complex computer questions. Because I get so many I'm not always able to respond as fast as I would like. Additionally, many of the questions are different versions of the same question. So, with this in mind I've decided to add a Community Technical Support Forum to groovyPost.com. Over the next few months I'll be trying to direct people to ask their questions HERE rather than in email. So, if you see a question you can answer, help me out and give it your best shot it helping. Or, if you have a question PLEASE feel free to ask it here. Both myself as well as regular readers will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible! I would also like to take this time to invite all our Readers to help contribute to the content of the site by posting your own experiences, tips, tricks, new code etc.. Thanks Again, -MrGroove
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    Very few softwares like firefox, Free download manager , Vlc may run from a previously installed location without installing it again. Most of the softwares should be installed again.
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    Today we've released a new site to join the groovyPublishing family -- http://groovyAndroid.com. We're excited about groovyAndroid because it's our first of what will be several very targeted sites where we will be digging deeply into a specific technology to provide Tips, Tricks, News, Reviews and of course, groovy content. The launch has been very "quiet" up to this point as we work out a few bugs with the site and play with the theme a bit. That being said, if anyone has any feedback, would love to hear it. Thanks! -Steve
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    Here's the real deal. There is a device detection issue with the 2730h build in which the application thinks the device is an NDIS ("LAN") device. With the build and firmware previous to 2730h, the device was indeed in "LAN" mode so there were no issues connecting. Since you upgraded the device to WinMB, the build sometimes thinks the device is in "LAN" mode (ROOT CAUSE) so it uses a certain set of functions to establish the connection. Obviously, these commands are incorrect so you reach said errors. As a quick workaround, you can either re-run the application or hit the "Detect Device" button. At these points, the application correctly identifies the device as a WinMB device and uses the correct set of functions to establish the connection. A more permanant solution is to actually set the device to back to LAN mode. Once in LAN mode, the application does not confuse the device mode and all your problems go away. In order to set it to LAN mode, use the link that had previously provided. Again, there is a bug in the software but it has already been addressed in the next release. Link to set device to LAN mode.http://www.vzam.net/uploadedFiles/UML290%20VPN%20Connection%20Issues%20-%20Read%20Me.zip
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    Welcome to the site Brian! Long-term groovyPost reader?
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    Well.... I didn't like it so I nuked it hehehe..
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    i'm a pretty groovy chap and i really have NO idea where to start looking for this.... That being said, everything about outlook is a database (the .pst and the .ost) so i would guess nothing really ever gets deleted, it just gets removed until you compress your .pst file using the tools interface. perhaps that tool called scanpst -http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287497 can fix you up? No idea if it can repair the pst and bring back the Outlook DL's but it's worth a try. groovy dude? u see this?
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