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    Welcome!! Question MrGroove - What is the purpose for the groovyPost.com Forum? Answer Ever since I started groovyPost.com, I've usually get 5-10 emails a day from readers with Simple -> Complex computer questions. Because I get so many I'm not always able to respond as fast as I would like. Additionally, many of the questions are different versions of the same question. So, with this in mind I've decided to add a Community Technical Support Forum to groovyPost.com. Over the next few months I'll be trying to direct people to ask their questions HERE rather than in email. So, if you see a question you can answer, help me out and give it your best shot it helping. Or, if you have a question PLEASE feel free to ask it here. Both myself as well as regular readers will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible! I would also like to take this time to invite all our Readers to help contribute to the content of the site by posting your own experiences, tips, tricks, new code etc.. Thanks Again, -MrGroove
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    Quick question for you groovy excel ppl out there. I'm working with a vendor and need to calculate the discount and/or increase. I know there is a simple excel formula I can use. Just looking for a tip for it. Thanks!
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    A few days ago I got an email from my provider that my disksspace for my blog reached its limit. And when I asked him what caused this, he told me I have been posting full sized images, instead of resized ones. So, big lesson for me: "Start resizing before posting/blogging". On my laptop at home, and on my xp machine at work, this isnt a problem. But I am also a heavy "Wordpress for Android" user. So the question is, how do I resize an image to at least 50% of the original quality on my Android?
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    P.S: I registered here just to say thanks, you saved my work...
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    I would have never solved this without this article. When a group gets deleted it goes into the deleted item as the date the Group was created and not deleted. Would have never thought of that. Thanks for your help...
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    If you don't want to compact PST files, you can try one thing. You can transfer mailbox content from one PST file into new multiple PST files. There's no need to use any 3rd party tool for this. All you need to use is Outlook client. It has few built-in features which you can use here, such as: Archive, Import & Export, Move to Folders. Also, you can use Drag & Drop feature of Outlook client. Hope the shared information would be helpful here. Thanks and best regards.
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    To get that classic F8 behavior back we need to restore the legacy boot menu policy. To do this, hit the Win + X keyboard combination and launch and elevated command prompt. When the command prompt opens, run the following: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy That’s really all there is to it. Now, when your computer boots up, you can mash the F8 key to view the classic Advanced Boot Options. If you want to return the boot menu back to normal, you can use this command: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard
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    You can try "Move to folders" feature of MS Outlook 2003 to split PST file into multiple parts. This may take a lot of time and technical understanding. Follow the steps given below: 1. Launch MS Outlook. 2. Click File tab > New > Outlook Data File. 3. A dialog box “New Outlook Data File” will appear. Select Office Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst) and click OK. 4. A new dialog box “Create Microsoft Personal Folders” will pop up. Type a display name for this new PST file. 5. Now select the folder that you want to move to the new PST file. You may move one or more items to new PST file. 6. On the Edit menu, click Move to Folder. 7. A new dialog box “Move Items” will appear. Click New. 8. Again a new dialog box “Create New Folder” will appear. Enter a new name for this new folder in the Name box. 9. Click the new PST file under the “Select where to place the folder” option. Then click OK. 10. In the “Move Items” dialog box, make sure that the new folder in the new PST file is selected. Click OK. You can also try a third-party tool. I can recommend SysInfoTools PST Split tool here to split PST files into multiple parts. It will safely split a large sized PST file (ANSI and Unicode) without causing any changes to the original files. Thanks.
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    Very few softwares like firefox, Free download manager , Vlc may run from a previously installed location without installing it again. Most of the softwares should be installed again.
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    Why not just open them up and split them up? They are database files so you will have a hard time trying to split them up using any type of automated process (FYI).
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    Today we've released a new site to join the groovyPublishing family -- http://groovyAndroid.com. We're excited about groovyAndroid because it's our first of what will be several very targeted sites where we will be digging deeply into a specific technology to provide Tips, Tricks, News, Reviews and of course, groovy content. The launch has been very "quiet" up to this point as we work out a few bugs with the site and play with the theme a bit. That being said, if anyone has any feedback, would love to hear it. Thanks! -Steve
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    Welcome to the site Brian! Long-term groovyPost reader?
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    Nice work MrGroove. Small typo in your example though. it should be =sum(125-50)/50
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    Here are the formulas I use in Excel: Percent Increase =sum(NEW-OLD)/OLD Percent Decrease or Discount =sum(OLD-NEW)/OLD Example: Let's say I bought a stock for $50 and now I'm going to sell it for $125. What is the % Increase of the stock sale? In Excel I would enter =sum(125-50)/50 and it would give me 150% increase.
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    How do you create an MS WORD TEMPLATE to create a flyer (8.5 X 11) with pull tag telephone numbers; also the ability to insert a scanned graphic?
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    Free text services and apps typically use a 5 digit common-short-code (CSC). These CSC are expensive short numbers used primarily by large businesses, licenses range from $500-$1500 per month so an individual will almost never ever have one of these. By default, most wireless carries accept incoming texts and phone calls from them. If someone is texting you from such a number, there is no way to tell who it is. But, you still have a few options. You can lookup the shortcode provider and make a complaint directly to them, in which case their account might be deleted and in the best case your number will be blocked from their users. You can reply STOP to the number that is texting you and the service provider is likely to block people from sending messages to your number. Call your own wireless provider and ask them to block all the number. Some are able to block individual CSC numbers, but others might have to block ALL CSC at once. For more information on CSC see the U.S. official CSC administraiton page.
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    OK. This is how it's done.(I'm using Word 2007, but it makes no difference what version) Select page paper size and format the margins to use the minimum. Using the Insert Text box, make a text box with your phone number or text as you prefer. Size the box in a vertical position. Right click the box and choose Format Text Box. Go to Layout tab and high light In Front Of Text, select Advance De-select Move object with text. Choose Line - dashed Move the box to bottom left corner of page (be sure to stay with-in the margins). Select box and right click to copy. Paste. Do this as many times as necessary to fill bottom of page. Move each box so the vertical lines superimpose on one edge and the tops are even in a straight line. Then using the shift key high light each box and right click and group as one. In the upper section of the page you can add any text or insert pics or graphics as you please. Just be sure to Go to Layout tab and high light In Front Of Text, select Advance De-select Move object with text. Save as a template. Print the document and cut the vertical tabs at the bottom and maybe score the top to make easier ripping.
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    That wont help. I want to resize the photo on my Galaxy S. After the resizing I want to post it to Wordpress with the wordpress app on my phone.
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    How do I clear iPad email dropdown contact history? Inuse is 2 gmail accounts loging on using windows I have cleared contact history, but not actual contacts.MikeD
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    Hi Mike - I don't fully understand your question so before I post an answer I thought I would see if I can get more info. Where exactly is this dropdown on your iPad? Is this when typing an email somewhere? And to confirm, you said you have 2 gmail accounts on your iPad that your trying to use as email so I assume that is the contacts your talking about.
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    Well.... I didn't like it so I nuked it hehehe..
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    i'm a pretty groovy chap and i really have NO idea where to start looking for this.... That being said, everything about outlook is a database (the .pst and the .ost) so i would guess nothing really ever gets deleted, it just gets removed until you compress your .pst file using the tools interface. perhaps that tool called scanpst -http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287497 can fix you up? No idea if it can repair the pst and bring back the Outlook DL's but it's worth a try. groovy dude? u see this?
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    Hey Mr Groove! Love the site and really enjoyed your last article! I have an idea for a new article on groovypost for you! You need to write something on all the different search syntax that can be used in outlook 2007! I only use a few of the features but would love to get the inside scoop.
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    Found these on a Microsoft site: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlo ... 11033.aspx Type this To find this bobby Items containing bobby, BOBBY, BoBby, or any other combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Instant Search is not case sensitive. bobby moore Items containing both bobby and moore, but not necessarily in that order. bobby AND moore Items containing both bobby and moore, but not necessarily in that order. Note that logical operators such as AND, NOT, and OR must be in uppercase letters. bobby NOT moore Items containing bobby, but not moore. bobby OR moore Items containing bobby, moore, or both. "bobby moore" Items containing the exact phrase bobby moore. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes. from:"bobby moore" Items sent from bobby moore. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes. from:"bobby moore" about:”status report” Items sent from bobby moore where status report appears in the subject line, body, and attachment contents. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes. hasattachment:yes Items that have attachments. You can also use hasattachment:true to get the same results. attachments:presentation.pptx Items that have attachments named presentation.pptx or if the attachment contains presentation.pptx within its contents. subject:"bobby moore" Items whose subject contains the phrase bobby moore. subject:bobby moore Items with bobby in the subject line and with moore anywhere else in the document. cc:"bobby more" Items in which the display name bobby moore is on the Cc line. cc:bobbymoore@contoso.com Items in which the e-mail address bobbymoore@contoso.com is on the Cc line. bcc:bobby Items in which bobby is on the Bcc line. messagesize:<10 KB Items whose size is less than 10 kilobytes. Note the use of the "less than" comparison operator (<). messagesize:>5 MB Items whose size is larger than 5 megabytes. Note the use of the "greater than" comparison operator (>). received:=1/1/2006 Items that arrived on 1/1/2006. Note the use of the "equals" comparison operator (=). received:yesterday Items that arrived yesterday. Instant Search also recognizes the follow date values: * Relative dates: For example, today, tomorrow, yesterday * Multi-word relative dates: For example, this week, next month, last week, past month, coming year * Days: Sunday, Monday ... Saturday * Months: January, February ... December received:last week Items that arrived last week. Note that if you run this query again a month from now you will obtain different results because it is a time relative query. due:last week Items that are flagged for follow up a due date. messagesize:tiny Items whose size is less than 10 kilobytes messagesize:small Items whose size is between 10 and 25 kilobytes messagesize:medium Items whose size is between 25 and 100 kilobytes messagesize:large Items whose size is between 100 and 500 kilobytes messagesize:verylarge Items whose size is between 500 kilobytes and 1 megabyte followupflag:follow up Items that are flagged for follow up. messagesize:enormous Items whose size is larger than 5 megabytes hasflag:true Items that are flagged for follow up. from:bobby (received:1/7/05 OR received:1/8/05) Items from bobby that arrived on either 1/7/05 or 1/8/05. Note the use of parentheses to group the dates. received:>=10/1/06 AND received:<=10/5/06 Items that arrived between 10/1/06 and 10/5/06. received:>10/1/06 AND received:<10/5/06 Items that arrived after 10/1/06 but before 10/5/06. sent: yesterday Items that you sent yesterday. to:bobby Items that you sent to bobby when you are searching in the Sent Items folder. read:no Items that have not been read. You can also use read:false to get the same results. subject:status received:May Items received from anyone during the month of May (any year) where the subject contains status. startdate:next week subject:status Calendar items next week where the subject contains status. is:recurring Calendar items that are recurring. organizer:bobby Calendar items where bobby is the organizer. category:business Items that are categorized as business. firstname:bobby Contacts that contain bobby in the First Name field. lastname:moore Contacts that contain moore in the Last Name field. nickname:bobby Contacts that contain bobby in the Nickname field. jobtitle:physician Contacts that contain physician in the Job Title field. pager:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Pager field. businessphone:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Business Phone field. homephone:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Home Phone field. mobilephone:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Mobile Phone field. carphone:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Car Phone field. businessfax:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Business Fax field. homefax:555-0100 Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Home Fax field. businessaddress:(4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052) Contacts that contain 4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052 in the Business Address field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address. homeaddress:(4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052) Contacts that contain 4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052 in the Home Address field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address. businesscity:buffalo Contacts that contain buffalo in the Business City field. businesspostalcode:98052 Contacts that contain 98052 in the Business Postal Code field. street:(4567 Main St) Contacts that contain 4567 Main St in the Business Address Street field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address. homestreet:(4567 Main St) Contacts that contain 4567 Main St in the Home Address Street field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address. birthday:6/4/1960 Contacts that contain 6/4/1960 in the Birthday field. webpage:www.contoso.com Contacts that contain the URL http://www.contoso.com in the Web Page Address field.
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