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  2. I have phased then I used the KDETools PST Merge solve my problem without any damaging any data. .
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  4. Easy way to split oversized PST you can try the advanced tool is KDETools PST Splitter.
  5. Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature is the ideal answer to raise brand popularity and trust with a user and other organization. Sigsync is an email signature service for Office 365 or Exchange Server, which helps an organization to maintain professional email signature for all employees. You can choose different formats for email signature and tweak the subtleties as you need it and send it to specific customers by setting rules. You can easily create a branded email signature through a centrally managed dashboard. The steps to add Office 365 Email Signature: Your Office 365 account must support the Exchange Online service before adding an Office 365 email signature. Step 1: Login to your Office 365 account. Step 2: Then configure Exchange Rules. Step 4: Finally, create and manage users signature templates in Sigsync dashboard.
  6. Hi Michael, You know the saying.... if it sounds too good to be true... Adding a USB drive to your computer is not going to speed up Windows. It's also not going to protect you if your primary hard drive fails. Sounds like a gimmick and a scam. There is no magic when it comes to speeding up your computer. The best way to increase the performance of your computer is to replace the main drive of your PC or laptop with an NVMe SSD or Legacy SSD drive (if your computer doesn't support NVMe M.2). - What is NVME? - Install legacy SSD drive. Granted, if your laptop or PC was purchased within the past 3-5 years, it probably already has an SSD drive (or NVMe drive if it's 1-2 years old). Another way to speed up your computer is to backup all your apps and data and re-install Windows. This is a fairly drastic step which I personally don't do on my main system. It is an option however. Hope that helps.
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  8. Hi Groovydude, i have tried getting VLC to read my dvds, I run Windows 10 Pro, but I keep getting an error " Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///E:/'. Check the log for details." however I can never find a log file to check it out. From what I've read its something to do with the upgrade to windows 10 and a conflict or something with the optical drive? Any advice? I absolutely hate windows 10, in my opinion windows 7 is far superior. Because of the upgrade, my integrated graphics card is incompatible, though I'm getting it to work with a driver for windows 8 and my favorite game is useless and its incompatible with windows 10.
  9. In todays world, there is no great answer for avoiding SPAM other than changing your email address daily.... Alternatively, if that doesn't sound like a good plan to you, my next suggestion would be to use an email provider like or Granted, they won't find all the SPAM sent to you but, they will get most of it and you can mark whatever they miss as SPAM to help train the AI to do a better job in the future.
  10. One thing to keep in mind, VPN providers might actually throttle you as well. Something to keep in mind.
  11. I'm nearly 2 years late with this reply, but if it can help anyone else who browse this thread, please go here:
  12. I don't think there is really a way to o that. All I know is gmail now detect those mails and throws them in the spam folder so that you do not see them unless you choose to. If there is a way to do it, I will love to know too.
  13. I think what really matters is where most of your hosting company servers are located. That is why some people check where most of their traffic is coming from and choose hosting companies that have many servers and are quite fast around that region. Although, there are some great hosting companies like SiteGround that generally have FAST servers in most regions.
  14. 3 now, and probably counting.
  15. Negative. Still not possible on Windows. Microsoft Outlook for Mac includes a keyboard shortcut but not the Windows Version of Microsoft Outlook. For now, the best option is "Right-Click + L or V" as mentioned in the first post.
  16. windows 10 is the best
  17. Many sites are showing users how to change from Chinese to English but you can't read the Chinese and the newest Fire 7 is not categorized like older versions in settings. Here is the solution. Click your settings icon on the homescreen and you will be on this page: Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the 3rd from the top which is Device Options. On this page you will find your Keyboard and Language. Click the World icon From this screen click on the first item in the list...Languages On the final screen, you must first click the drop-down arrow to change it back to the desired Language. Hope this helps anyone using the new Kindle Fire 7.
  18. Steve

    Windows 10 to 7

    Hi @metzu - unfortunately, it's not that simple. Depending on how long ago you upgraded your OS to Windows 10, you may or may not be able to do a downgrade. Here's a few articles on the topic which explain things in detail. These are our own Articles on the topic: Give these a read and report back if needed here. Thanks! -S
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    Windows 10 to 7

    I have two laptops, my windows 10 one is my main. one of them has windows 7 and the other one has windows 10. Is it possible to transfer my windows 7 to my main laptop that has windows 10? Basically what I mean is that I want windows 7 instead of windows 10 on my main. and i figured it should work transfering my windows 7 on one of my laptops to my main windows 10 one. Thanks in advance.
  20. @jocaan You could just use your Win 7 Media Center box as a standalone machine. Just keep it offline. I am not clear on how you're getting your cable, is it a separate line w/o Internet? One crazy geeky thought...depending on your machine specs, you could run Win7 in a VM and still use Media Center. It would take some tinkering, but "should" be an option. Another option and I know this could be a pain, depending on how much local content you have, would be to switch to Plex.
  21. Are these laptops or desktops? Sounds like they are desktops given you mentioned (mouse and keyboard). That's really funky. The update for windows should not impact video or keyboard during the boot process. Are you not getting anything during the post/boot cycle before windows? If it's an OS issue, you will get video in BIOS at least... If you're not, I'd verify the monitors are plugged in correctly and hard reboot the boxes. If you still can't get video you either have an issue on the motherboard, video card or monitor. If it's happening on two individual boxes..... that's a huge coincidence. You might have had a power event that fried something on box boxes. Again, very rare but not impossible. True to rule out each of those items individually before doing any replacement of the computers.
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