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  2. hanifanze

    Secondary outlook account issue

    This cache mode option makes files and folder appear to be there when they aren’t and by default it is on. This causes issues if you are sharing email accounts amongst multiple users.
  3. . I did this once but couldn't find the how-to in order to repeat it again.
  4. Get Stella safe live mail calendar recovery software is healthy and safe option to recover live mail calendar items and export live mail calendar data into PST outlook. This software also provides you idea how to convert Live mail calendar file to MS outlook PST file vCal, CSV, TXT, ICS and HTML.
  5. iCloud account recovery process If you are facing trouble while getting access to the iCloud of your Apple ID because you don’t remember the password of the iCloud, you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily recover your iCloud account if you have access to the device signed in to the same Apple ID. If you want to reset the password of the iCloud you can do that by resetting the password of your Apple ID account. Apple ID is associated with all the Apple service which you use with your Apple device such as iCloud, iMusic, AppStore, Etc. It means all the services can be accessed using your Apple ID and the Password, so if you lost the access to the iCloud due to the incorrect password you need to reset the account password and you will be able to use the new password to access the iCloud account. You need to follow the instructions given below in order to perform iCloud account recovery through the Apple ID: Ø You need to open the Settings on your phone by tapping on the GEAR icon in the application menu of your iPhone Ø Now you have to tap on your name Ø Tap on password change option Ø Enter the new password and confirm it Ø Tap on saving or done These are very simple and quick steps to change the Apple ID password and the new password can be used to access the iCloud account of the same Apple ID.
  6.  One has to first find the folder location from regedit and then paste that string into an Explorer address bar or, like the previous user said, from the Run... dialogue
  7. hanifanze

    Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder. It protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.
  8. antonny samson

    Excel Password recovery software

    If you any problem how can recover excel file password so you can use best Dux Excel Password Recovery Software that tool is good for you because it software easily remove you’re excel file password and it software support all version: 97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. more information:
  9. ChrisLee

    Ipod wont connect to itunes

    You try to force restart iPod? If not, you can try it first. Another workable way is to enable "Find My iPhone" to restore your iPod with iCloud. If you can not back up before but you want to fix it without the risk of losing data, you are advised to utilize iPod system repair on Windows. It can settle your iPod not connecting to iTunes issue without any loss.
  10. antonny samson

    7z password recovery software

    Download more effective 7z password recovery software design by Dux Data Recovery that able to recover lost 7z file password from compressive 7z file. This Dux 7zi password Utility is best 7z password breaker program that break 7z file password security easily. more visit:
  11. lilymarthan

    Excel Password recovery software

    This SDR excel password breaker program guide you step how to retrieve lost excel file password and also unlock XLSX file password protection and allows to open XLSX workbook password. Read more:-
  12. watsjosephine

    How to Change Yahoo Password

    Know how you can change Yahoo account password Undoubtedly, Yahoo Mail is one of the finest email service providers, which is used by thousands of people to perform their daily email activities. Still, many users report various security issues with their account, like lost access to the account or issues with email recovery. Fortunately, one can easily avoid these issues by regularly updating their Yahoo account details. So, to help out the users here is the simple procedure on How to change Yahoo password. Also, one can contact the support for required assistance in case of issue. Changing the Yahoo account password To start with this process, the user needs to navigate to the security page. Then, the user needs to provide the username and password of their Yahoo account. After that, the user is required to navigate to the manage accounts section and click on the password change option. Now, the user is required to provide the new password for their Yahoo account. After creating the new password, the user is required to click on the Save button. And now, the user is required to follow the on-screen instructions to access your Yahoo Mail using the new password. Still, if the user has any queries, they can contact the support for required assistance and fix the Yahoo security issues in time.
  13. For any exchange server recovery needs that you might have, your best bet is to use EdbMails EDB to PST Converter. There can be a number of reasons for exchange databases to become corrupt or inaccessible : Dirty shutdowns Hardware failure Virus or other such malicious software attacks Header file corruption etc EdbMails can handle all types of such errors very well. Anybody can make use of EdbMails for exchange recovery as the process isn’t complex at all. It has a rather straightforward user interface wherein you select the EDB file to be recovered and within just a few clicks you can have all the EDB data you wish to be recovered in a PST file. Being a one stop solution, EdbMails EDB to PST Converter also gives you the flexibility to directly migrate EDB to Office 365 as well as Live Exchange server. As stated earlier you don't need to understanding and troubleshooting complex powershell cmdlets as EdbMails automatically handles everything for you. The tool to Convert EDB to PST from EdbMails uses deep scanning algorithms that have been perfected over the years to be able to recover all information from even the most heavily corrupted exchange database EDB files. EdbMails ensures secure recovery of all your asks, journals,zip attachments,Inbox,calendars etc. The corruption in exchange databases can be of two main types: Logical: Happens when a crucial piece of data is missing from the database itself. Such scenarios can lead to inconsistencies in the database and make it inaccessible. Physical: This is often related to any hardware or system failure. For example a sudden hard disk crash can result in database corruption. Whatever be the type of corruption, physical or logical, EdbMails can very well handle it all. For Public Folder EDB recovery and migration as well as for archive mailbox migration you can use EdbMails. There is support for Non English unicode characters as well in EdbMails.
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  15. recover Yahoo password without security question Yahoo mail is one of the largest email services in the world. It has a huge number of users. Sometimes we can forget our password and then we face login issue but Yahoo allows its users to easily recover the forgotten password. We can recover forgotten password through our phone number or a recovery email and security questions. But if you don’t remember the answers to your security questions and don’t know How to Recover Yahoo Password without Security Question Steps to recover Yahoo password without security question Go to yahoo sign-in page Click on the option ‘Trouble signing-in’ This will direct you to another page. Enter either your sign-in email address or phone number. You can also provide your recovery email address or phone number associated with the account. Click ‘Continue’. If you enter your mobile number then an account key will be sent to you to verify your number. If you enter your email address then the account key will be sent to your mail to verify your email. Once it is verified that you are the owner of your Yahoo account then you will get access to your account. You can now reset your password. Make sure to set a strong password to keep your account secure. You can also save your password and store is at a safe place so that you don’t forget it in the future.
  16. Steps to change Outlook password for iPhone users The outlook is free email service founded and launched in 1996, and it was known as Hotmail in the initial years and later in 2012 upgraded and renamed Outlook. Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in 1997 in 400 million dollars and it was renamed as MSN Hotmail by Microsoft. A person can create a free account in Outlook by filling the required details in the signup process. You can access your Outlook account from any device like computer, laptop, android phone or iPhone. To login your outlook account in iPhone you are required to download Outlook app and access your Outlook account with the help of email address and password you have created at the time of signing up for the account. Outlook change password option is also available for iPhone users. Outlook users who want to change password due to security reasons like someone else know your password but you don’t want them to access your account or due to any other reasons. The steps how to change Outlook password on iPhone are discussed below: · Go to the settings on your iPhone · Find mail, contacts, and calendars · Select mail and choose Outlook account · Go to account settings · Select password box and delete already entered password · Enter a new password in the box · Select done and your password is changed
  17. ChrisLee

    How could I permanently unlock iPhone 4 using iTunes?

    Do you want to unlock iPhone 4 without passcode using iTunes? Yes, it is a nice way. Before you do it, you need to ensure that your iPhone has been synced with iTunes. If not, you can put your iPhone into recovery mode. You just press and hold Home and Power buttons until your iPhone is turned off. And then you need to keep holding the Home button and release the Power button until "Connect to iTunes" appears on your iPhone screen. That means your iPhone has been recovery. After doing this, you just click "Restore" to unlock your device. However, iTunes can't detect the device. On this occasion, you may give an iPhone unlocker named Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker a try. With it, you can permanently unlock the iPhone 4 at ease.
  18. Ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone Gmail is the most popular email service developed by the email. It has more than a billion users across the globe. The users use Gmail on many different platforms. Due to its widespread use, Gmail may face many issues like not receiving emails. In this blog, we will learn how to fix Gmail not receiving emails on the iPhone.Many iPhone users have complained that their Gmail not receiving Emails. There is much troubleshooting for this problem:- It may be an email synchronization issue. Check server settings properly. Check if there is a proper internet connection on your iPhone. Delete the Gmail account on your iPhone and read it. Sometimes, this problem may be related to the Gmail app as well. Update email application properly. Check the settings of your iPhone properly. Charge your iPhone regularly. The above described are some of the solutions to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhones. Apply all these steps properly to enjoy the services of Gmail on the iPhones. The users are advised to keep the settings of their iPhones up to date. They can also visit their nearby iPhone stores in the hour of need.
  19. noellejohnson

    Splitting PST file - Outlook 2007

    You can try PST Split tool which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id. It is capable of splitting all PST mailbox items like Contacts, Inbox, Outbox, etc. More info visit here:-
  20. noellejohnson

    Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    Split PST tool is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files. Split PST File Software Support Outlook All version. You can try this application. More info visit here:-
  21. noellejohnson

    Atom TechSoft Outlook OST to PST Converter Software

    You can easily and safely migrate Offline OST files to PST file format by using OST to PST Exporter utility within a few seconds. This migration software is able to export all OST mailbox item like contacts, calendars, inbox, outbox, zip attachments, appointment, tasks entries, journals, user created folders etc. More Info visit here:-
  22. noellejohnson

    OST to PST Tool

    I would like to refer an effective OST to PST converter software. This migration tool is able to export all OST mailbox item like contacts, calendars, inbox, outbox, zip attachments, appointment, tasks entries, journals, user created folders etc. It will work on all versions of MS Outlook. More info visit here:-
  23. noellejohnson

    OST to PST

    OST to PST Converter tool is a great designed application that transfer OST data to PST format. By this tool, the users can recover and access inaccessible OST items such as emails, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, calendars, etc. in an effortless manner. The application works effectively with all editions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, etc More info visit here:-
  24. KennedyHayden

    Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    Latest useful application Download Split PST Tool Software is an excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder. It protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits. It allows you to split PST file particular according to size, date, you can also split PST file completely. It is also supported by MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. Visit at more info:
  25. Outlook is the file format of the mailbox items(files) created by Outlook. It is widely used to communicate with the business professionals via email. Since it provides you the full safety and security that's why people are more inclined towards it. Outlook OST files sometimes get corrupted. But no need to worry as there are many software's available free of cost to repair them. Technically best tool I have come across is Outlook OST to PST Converter Tool. Try and use its demo versions before purchasing the licensed version of the Software. It let you to recover Outlook offline .ost file and export Outlook offline OST to PST along with entire emails meta-data-To, bcc, cc, subject, date and time etc. This software works brilliantly to fix/repair corrupted Outlook offline .ost files and successfully open Outlook offline OST to PST. It works on all Outlook offline OST file version on 5.0 to 2016. Read More :-
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