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  2. touchara

    Change default view in Google Docs?

    Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
  3. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire
  4. touchara

    Change default view in Google Docs?

    Do not use the share link function on the top right to share the URL. Only use that section to indicate the permissions of the user.
  5. . I want to try it out.
  6. touchara

    Running mic in my new computer Lenovo

    I have a Lenovo computer , model is : ideapad S300. There is no place to put any cable for microphone. Do you how can I use it? there is a small hole in the computer as a microphone , but I do not know how can I active it. Who can help me?
  7. touchara

    Running mic in my new computer Lenovo

    If it is still under warranty call 800-426-7378 and they can access you computer remotely to install a new driver to fix the problem. I just got them to fix mine when I was watching her she went to the lenovo website then support, drivers and downloads and downloaded the new driver that was just released on 6/27 hope this helps. GOOD LUCK
  8. If you don't see IPM_SUBTREE, choose Top of Information Store or Top of Outlook data file. Go to the Subject section, right-click IPM.Configuration.Autocomplete, and then choose Export message. In the Save Message To File window, select the Format to save message dropdown arrow and choose MSG file (UNICODE).
  9. Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
  10. If you've permanently deleted an item in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the web (formerly known as Outlook Web App), the item is moved to a folder ( Recoverable Items > Deletions) and kept there for 14 days, by default. You can change how long items are kept, up to a maximum of 30 days.
  11. bandabanda

    How can I download Email to Outlook on my PC and Laptop?

    i found this video may help you
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  13. OK got it. Makes sense. Smartscreen isn't something I ever enable on IE/Edge etc... But if you nuke it, shouldn't hurt anything I can think of.
  14. GrumpyChair

    windows smartscreen in taskmanager was always running

    i'm trying to Stop most of the microsoft crap that i don't need or use. i do not use edge of explorer browsers. smartscrean opens with Edge. so i close in taskmanager. so far i have deleted most XBox live crap. i believe pc stuff should for pc not console cross over crap. plus windows 10 is so full of crap no one wants. i also disabled all Hyper V stuff in services. And i will be doing this after every big update, ITS a game and stream rig. P.s I have using a pc since windows 1998se. and how windows change so much in personal data collecting.
  15. What exactly is your goal? Worried about Smartscreen?
  16. I just read an article by Brian Burgess on Chord Cutting and the options involved. Currently I have a Ceton Cable TV card installed in my computer, I subscribe to Comcast/XFinity cable and have Windows 7 as my OS. I love the system I currently have. It is so convenient and helpful to me. Comcast hooked up a cable line to the Ceton TV card and this hookup runs through Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center is great, super. I can be active in watching TV, switching to my Outlook email, go on the Internet, switch to a recording or go back a few minutes or even an hour and watch previously transmitted TV by going back on the current program to review it, or do any other various activities on my computer, recording any shows I want for reference or for viewing later - I just have to go to a drop down menu and there it is. I have all this just sitting in front of my computer and it save me a lot of time and energy. When Windows 7 expires and I have to install Windows 10 the Windows Media Center program will no longer be available and even if I can download Windows Media Center the download will not be the same thing and have all the features of Windows Media Center (from what I have read) and will not properly support the Ceton TV card. So it looks as if my whole, currently perfect arrangement will come to an end. Of all the options in the Chord Cutting article I see no options that will supplant my current system without some disruption in my current situation. So I am asking what are my best alternatives. I mostly have a full range of channels from Comcast (regular and premium) and although I do not use many of the channels I like the freedom of being able to browse over the full range if I am inclined to do so and so with friends, visitors I like to have the full range of channels to access or go back and watch previously recorded shows. Thanks to any one who can give me an idea of what I will be able to do in the future. jocaan
  17. Well, i have been using Chrome from a very long time. The extensions it offers are great.
  18. myjob

    What is SEO? Is it illegal?

    SEO is not illegal. However, depending on what you do or do not do, it can hurt you. A good SEO campaign is designed to help you attract traffic to your website so your business can grow. Just like Social media, SEO can be done as an acquisition strategy
  19. GrumpyChair

    Downgrade win 10 1803 to 1709

    did you get it to work if not try this link
  20. I may have done the wrong thing. I used Iobit unlocker on smartscreen.exe and deleted it from System32 . not sure if it was smart or not but no errors as yet. Did i do something totally stupid? I have Iobit antimalware, Hitman pro, Malwarebytes antimalware, super antispyware all up to date.
  21. Marcus!one

    Smart card reader in a thin client

    Hello! faced with such a problem. I started using the Smart card reader in a thin client, but on a standard software it reads with a bug. If I use the software Is there any solution to forward USB Hard Disk Reader for thin clients (FreeRDP) to terminal server and access devices? (Win7)
  22. Marcus!one

    What is Your Favorite or Default Web Browser?

    Google and Opera
  23. Steve

    Mail merge Outlook 2010

    Here's an article with the latest version of Office -
  24. Hi Everyone, I was trying to write a GROOVY SCRIPT to create a ANSIBLE DOCKER container and run ansible scripts to transfer WAR files from some location to TOMCAT server. Please let me know some resource, where i can search such script or get an idea about it. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Ajsh
  25. Steve

    Office 365 Home

    No, you shouldn't be getting CERT issues. You should first check with your email admin. And then, I would remove the mailbox from outlook and re-add it again. See if that fixes it.
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