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  3. Erica Wilson

    Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    Download this free KDETools Outlook PST Splitter tool to divide large PST file into small multiple files in just a few minutes. The software provides 4 different options to split large PST files: Divide PST File by Size Divide PST File by Date Divide PST File by Year Divide PST File by Folder This amazing tool allows users to work with many versions of MS Outlook as well as different versions of Windows. You can also save the split PST file at the desired location on your system. Visit here to ownload the latest version of PST Splitter tool:
  4. Advance Atom TechSoft of Outlook OST to PST Converterutility is an ease of use and professional new & unique technology that fix & converts corrupted healthy Outlook OST database file into Outlook PST files. It also export Outlook Outlook OST mailboxes data directly into outlook .pst but of all scans all files/folders .ost without missing internal items. OST to PST Recovery
  5. Advance Vartika 2013 Outlook OST to PST Converter software that is great tool for recover exchange mailbox and convert Outlook OST to PST file with to, bcc, cc, subject and date. Microsoft Outlook OST to PST conversion utility is best solution for scan Outlook OST file mailbox data into PST outlook after that you restore Outlook OST mailbox into working MS outlook with various format EML, MSG, HTML, MBOX, DOC,TXT , etc. as well as it also support Outlook OST . Vartika OST to PST Converter 1- How to Convert Outlook OST to PST in 2019 the Easy Way 2- Free to Try Outlook OST data to PST Converter Recover & Save OST into PST Outlook 3- 2013 Outlook OST to PST Converter to Convert Outlook OST to PST File Vartika Outlook OST Recovery SOftware
  6. Vartika Exchange Server EDB mails to PST converter software encompassed with lucrative feature that made extraction of Exchange Server EDB files into Outlook PST format so simple way. The Vartika Exchange Server EDB data recovery involves few steps and simple inputs from user and whole recovery database is to be achieved in few minutes. This technology magnificently developed with attributes that even encrypted Exchange Server EDB files are converted into readable PST format. Moreover, It offers GUI environment for recovery process and previews list of recovered file before saving it on to desktop of computer. It is workable with Exchange Server EDB 5.0, 2000, 2003, 2010, and 2013. More Info-: Vartika Exchange EDB to PST Converter 2019
  7. steven

    backed up files when upgrading my Ipad

    If you can't find the data back,there is another way that you could use iOS data recover program,which is specailly desigend to recover data from iOS.It will detect you device and list all data on program windows(including the deleted and exsit).Then you can recover them easily.MobiKin Doctor for iOS ia an professional iOS data recover tool.
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  9. For straightforward migration from Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 Users need a third-party tool. If you want the best and error-free migration tool, then I recommend to try, Shoviv Lotus Notes to Office 365 software. The Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration software also capable to accurately migrates multiple Lotus Notes NSF mailboxes to Office 365, Live Exchange Server, and Outlook PST and export NSF data to EML and MSG formats with any issue. The software provides the facilities Migrate multiple mailboxes in a single attempt and without any interruption Migrate NSF data into Outlook PST, Live Exchange Server Saves NSF data into EML, MSG formats Filter option also available. It uses to ignore unwanted data Mapping and Split option inbuilt in the software. Shoviv Provides the free trial version of the tool which helps to migrate the first 25 items per folder without any cost and also it helps to test the software properly. More details, visit:-
  10. For NSF to PST conversion and easy solution go with the third party tool name, Bitdataconversion NSF to PST converter tool. It converts multiple NSF data files to Outlook PST, and Export data into EML, MSG formats without any issue and losing any data. The tool provides the error-free conversion and provides the great user interface even all users easily handle the tool. It works with all versions of IBM Notes, MS Outlook, and Windows OS. User can download its free demo version to check all the features and convert the first 25 items per folder. More details, visit:-
  11. For reliable and accurate conversion of Groupwise mailboxes, you should try Shoviv Groupwise to PST converter software, which is one of the best and trusted software in the entire web. The software is easy to use and contain a simplified and unique graphical user interface(GUI) which improve the user experience while using it. The software easily converts Groupwise mailboxes into Outlook PST format without any alteration. Groupwise archive data also exported through this conversion software directly into Outlook. The tool performs the conversion task easier and effortless it also has a free trial and excellent technical support as well. For more info visit here: GroupWise to Outlook migration
  12. If you want the best Novell GroupWise email migration tool then, I suggest try Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool which is trusted by thousand of people and easily export your mailbox data from GroupWise to Office 365. The tool also allow to migrate GroupWise local/remote/archive data into Office 365 archive mailboxes respectively. If you have an Outlook profile, at that point, you ready to export Groupwise mailboxes into Outlook profile as well. So as to accomplish an exact migration, you should try Shoviv Groupwise to Office 365 migration tool that also provides a trial version to ensure its performance too. Get this tool from here: Download Now
  13. Every day individuals notice the headlines concerning IT threats and privacy breaches that hit internet users all across the world. Quite often, individuals check such reports from a subjective viewpoint and believe that they shall be unharmed from the digital threats lurking around. While, in fact, everyone with web connectivity in one way or the other can potentially be targeted and is always at risk of becoming a victim to such digital attacks. Putting this into consideration, it becomes vital to get an antivirus system in place that stands for invincible protection. Well, Norton is the king of all antiviruses, and it offers top-notch protection for all devices.
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  15. metzu

    Windows 10 to 7

    I have two laptops, my windows 10 one is my main. one of them has windows 7 and the other one has windows 10. Is it possible to transfer my windows 7 to my main laptop that has windows 10? Basically what I mean is that I want windows 7 instead of windows 10 on my main. and i figured it should work transfering my windows 7 on one of my laptops to my main windows 10 one. Thanks in advance.
  16. bburgess

    How to change my system when Widows 7 expires

    @jocaan You could just use your Win 7 Media Center box as a standalone machine. Just keep it offline. I am not clear on how you're getting your cable, is it a separate line w/o Internet? One crazy geeky thought...depending on your machine specs, you could run Win7 in a VM and still use Media Center. It would take some tinkering, but "should" be an option. Another option and I know this could be a pain, depending on how much local content you have, would be to switch to Plex.
  17. Are these laptops or desktops? Sounds like they are desktops given you mentioned (mouse and keyboard). That's really funky. The update for windows should not impact video or keyboard during the boot process. Are you not getting anything during the post/boot cycle before windows? If it's an OS issue, you will get video in BIOS at least... If you're not, I'd verify the monitors are plugged in correctly and hard reboot the boxes. If you still can't get video you either have an issue on the motherboard, video card or monitor. If it's happening on two individual boxes..... that's a huge coincidence. You might have had a power event that fried something on box boxes. Again, very rare but not impossible. True to rule out each of those items individually before doing any replacement of the computers.
  18. New to this, but last resort! Two HP computers on my network did not seem to wake up after an update last month, the tec guy blamed the update, however I found that I could still access them via VPN on my laptop. I originally thought that they did not wake up after the update, but it seems that no power is being sent to the keyboard or mouse and no signal to the monitor. Before I replace the boxes, has anyone had this problem and found a solution? Thanks in advance..
  19. OK got it. Makes sense. Smartscreen isn't something I ever enable on IE/Edge etc... But if you nuke it, shouldn't hurt anything I can think of.
  20. GrumpyChair

    windows smartscreen in taskmanager was always running

    i'm trying to Stop most of the microsoft crap that i don't need or use. i do not use edge of explorer browsers. smartscrean opens with Edge. so i close in taskmanager. so far i have deleted most XBox live crap. i believe pc stuff should for pc not console cross over crap. plus windows 10 is so full of crap no one wants. i also disabled all Hyper V stuff in services. And i will be doing this after every big update, ITS a game and stream rig. P.s I have using a pc since windows 1998se. and how windows change so much in personal data collecting.
  21. What exactly is your goal? Worried about Smartscreen?
  22. I just read an article by Brian Burgess on Cord Cutting and the options involved. Currently I have a Ceton Cable TV card installed in my computer, I subscribe to Comcast/XFinity cable and have Windows 7 as my OS. I love the system I currently have. It is so convenient and helpful to me. Comcast hooked up a cable line to the Ceton TV card and this hookup runs through Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center is great, super. I can be active in watching TV, switching to my Outlook email, go on the Internet, switch to a recording or go back a few minutes or even an hour and watch previously transmitted TV by going back on the current program to review it, or do any other various activities on my computer, recording any shows I want for reference or for viewing later - I just have to go to a drop down menu and there it is. I have all this just sitting in front of my computer and it saved me a lot of time and energy. When Windows 7 expires and I have to install Windows 10 the Windows Media Center program will no longer be available and even if I can download Windows Media Center the download will not be the same thing and have all the features of Windows Media Center (from what I have read) and will not properly support the Ceton TV card. So it looks as if my whole, currently perfect arrangement will come to an end. Of all the options in the Coord Cutting article, I see no options that will supplant my current system without some disruption in my current situation. So I am asking what are my best alternatives. I mostly have a full range of channels from Comcast (regular and premium) and although I do not use many of the channels I like the freedom of being able to browse over the full range if I am inclined to do so and so with friends, visitors I like to have the full range of channels to access or go back and watch previously recorded shows. Thanks to any one who can give me an idea of what I will be able to do in the future. jocaan
  23. Well, i have been using Chrome from a very long time. The extensions it offers are great.
  24. myjob

    What is SEO? Is it illegal?

    SEO is not illegal. However, depending on what you do or do not do, it can hurt you. A good SEO campaign is designed to help you attract traffic to your website so your business can grow. Just like Social media, SEO can be done as an acquisition strategy
  25. GrumpyChair

    Downgrade win 10 1803 to 1709

    did you get it to work if not try this link
  26. I may have done the wrong thing. I used Iobit unlocker on smartscreen.exe and deleted it from System32 . not sure if it was smart or not but no errors as yet. Did i do something totally stupid? I have Iobit antimalware, Hitman pro, Malwarebytes antimalware, super antispyware all up to date.
  27. Marcus!one

    Smart card reader in a thin client

    Hello! faced with such a problem. I started using the Smart card reader in a thin client, but on a standard software it reads with a bug. If I use the software Is there any solution to forward USB Hard Disk Reader for thin clients (FreeRDP) to terminal server and access devices? (Win7)
  28. Marcus!one

    What is Your Favorite or Default Web Browser?

    Google and Opera
  29. Steve

    Mail merge Outlook 2010

    Here's an article with the latest version of Office -
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