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  2. 🤬Every Word user will know of the navigational box I am referring to [see image below if you are unsure] (which upon opening any document is close to the vertical scroll-bar and reads: welcome back, pick up where you left off) this can also be performed by the keyboard shortcut Shift+F5. Only some of my short Word documents feature the navigational box, while other more lengthier documents don't have this feature at all. On the other hand - not even 1 document (long or short) will recognise Shift+F5 Is there a setting in word which will enable this key combination to be recognised? Some short documents have this feature for only a short time. I can already predict what every response to this query will be - that you do have the navigational box; or that Shift+F5 works for you - it works on your system. Please note everyone - I am not asking about your documents. And if you research this navigational box absence issue, you will discover that it is a extremely rare happening (in other words - I am not dreaming or going mad)! Does anyone have the solution to making the navigational box apply to every Word document permanently. This exact same scenario happened when I was using Office 2013 on a different laptop. Today I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2019 - with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, "All".

    When I turned 40 back in 82 I realized that all the new technical persons in the R/D department were computer users so I decided to 'cram' and learn and now, almost 40-yr later am running a win-10 box and a ubuntu 20.04 box and since I'm a mailartist who 'can't' draw, I 'appropriate others images and alter them using google's Deep Dream AI online or FilterForge on this desktop.

    I'm considering upgrading to a more powerful computer to run FilterForge and am advised that the faster the cpu and the more cores, the better & Also it doesn't use the GPU. So I'm wondering about an HP business refurb and am open to suggestions.


    Y'r [new] ol' Bud, Fike

  4. Hello Everyone, I am a newcomer to this group. Nowadays ERP is in huge demand for big companies as well as small, medium enterprises also. So if anyone from this thinking to buy an Enterprise Resource Planning Software please can visit best ERP software in Kolkata. We are one of the most advanced ERP Software provider. So look once and let us know if you are interested.
  5. Heya @Willholmania First question I guess -- what's the push to move away from Mac? Is it just cost? Looking to move to a lower cost platform so you can buy a generic laptop? Just curious. From my standpoint -- I'm an Ubuntu newb... I guess I need to dig into that a bit more personally. -S
  6. Hey there - can you point me at the article you're talking about? Will get it updated. Thanks!
  7. Hi @slymonkey123 -- Welcome to the forum. First, this is not uncommon. Many if not all.... uninstall applications will leave artifacts of games and apps on your Windows system. They do this for several reasons, such as if you ever reinstall the app, perhaps you will want those saved games. Or perhaps you customized the app so if you install it, those old settings will remain. It's a very bad habit from software makers but I won't get into that. Nothing we can do. On the blog, we've documented how to completely uninstall software which should help you. Granted, nothing is 100% but, the app we talk about will crawl your drive and registry and look for abandoned files and folders and registry entries etc... Another tact you can try is good old file manager + a drive mapping tool. Here's the tool I use each time I do this. However, be careful as you might delete something your system needs. Keep us updated on your progress!
  8. There are a few things you can do. This is not a complete list BUT, it's where I would start. Add Remove Programs -- Uninstall any software you don't need. You can also use a tool for this if needed. Over time, many things run in the background -- and you normally don't need all the junk. Go through and nuke anything you don't recognize or need. Free up your disk space by removing old no longer needed files. Low drive space can cause a lot of issues on a system. Clean things up annually if possible. Disable startup apps you no longer need. Some apps are useful but, if you don't need they to always run, remove them from the auto-startup. The best way to speed up an old system is to replace your hard drive with an NVMe Drive. These are cutting edge and in many cases, can extend the life of a system for years. This is my #1 recommendation. But, you will need to spend a little cash which is why I list it last.
  9. Things have started but, you can see all our content here with the details. https://www.groovypost.com/tags/windows-11/ Enjoy!
  10. I am using Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop computer. I have found a whole load of files on my Hard Drive (pic 1) that i thought was deleted a long time ago, when i deleted the software. They, or it ( Legacy Games), are not listed on my installed program list, so i cannot delete them that way. I use Ccleaner (basic free edition), to patch up my pc, and to clear the registry of unwanted items, but after 5 months, the Legacy Game folders are still present. I even went to the Hard Drive (C), and clicked on "Program Files", and "Program Files x86" to what was listed, and still nothing showed that Legacy was on my computer. I have to inform you at this point, that i am not computer minded, and it was because i had a problem before, searched for the answer, and Groovypost provided me with what i needed. Any help given would have to include a step by step detail of what i have to do to clear these folders. Also, on the same note, but different program, there is also a folder on my desktop which will not delete, even by Ccleaner or any other method. Again, this item is not listed anywhere as being installed, nor can i find it. Pic 2 shows what is happening when i am trying to simply "delete" the "Legacy" folders. If anyone can help, i would be very grateful/ Thank you.
  11. Tabs in browsers always used to be delineated, usually looking like tabs in a file cabinet. In Windows 10, running Firefox, when I open multiple tabs the delineation is not great and it just looks like random text at the top of the window, rather than clearly marked individual tabs. I've played around with Windows 10 themes/colors and with Firefox settings but can't find it. Just another thing that the tech billionaires change on us without our consent when we update, rather than giving us the choice to change. We really need better billionaires in charge of such things.
  12. Hi, Need help on groovy to access env variable in groovy script . scenario variable svc-host this is environment variable which i need to call in my groovy script . if i take it as env.svc-host its not able to get it because of - in between . any help will be appreciated .
  13. Great information phillip Thanks for sharing lowes
  14. Hi! I know this is 8 years late lol but I was having the same problem and it turns out you just needed a new battery.
  15. I have a group on my email that I move most of my emails into. I have accidentally deleted this group, I thought this may have deleted all the emails to but If I type in an email I am able to find it but have no idea where they are as they have not moved to my inbox? Can anyone help??? Absolute disaster as its about 5 years worth of emails!
  16. Hello, I have seen the blog post from a couple of years ago titled: How to Automate Microsoft Word Forms with Custom Fields and found it useful. I am using the idea to 'auto populate' sales proposals to different people in different organisations. It helps because all the standard items like name, company, date, and headers and footers are all changed. I can then focus on personalising the main content. But it's a bit cumbersome! I was wondering if it is possible to do the same thing but using a form to add all the variables in to and then get the form to populate the Word document.
  17. davionltaylor@0910gmail.com

  18. I wrote it why should I reply? stupid ?
  19. In your article about upgrading to Apple iOS 13 you say that the iPhone 6s Plus is eligible for upgrade then in the next note you listed it’s not eligible for upgrade why can’t you both get something right is it or isn’t in eligible ????
  20. def one = text1.EmployeeDataReplicationConfirmation.EmployeeDataReplicationConfirmation.collect { it.personId.text() } def two = text2.queryCompoundEmployeeResponse.CompoundEmployee.collect { it.person.person_id.text() } def intersect = one.intersect(two) println((one - intersect) + (two - intersect)) In the text 1 and text2 fields are different ids. This command will give me IDs that are the same in both. But he gives them to me like this:[6107, 10140, 11774] But i need it in XML.. like .. <Person> <User> <userid>6107</userid> </User> <User> <userid>10140</userid> </User> <User> <userid>11774</userid> </User> how can i do it ? Thanks :)
  21. Hi @Ron S Just a quick FYI - we have been playing with comments on the main site. Comments are enabled and if you still have issues, let me know.
  22. Question from reader: Steve, Do you have anything in your library regarding the use "Signal" for messaging on PC, Android, Etc? Hello! We don't have a lot of content on groovyPost regarding this app however, we do have a few articles: https://www.groovypost.com/tags/signal/ You can also search around here: https://www.groovypost.com/search/ Regarding supported devices, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported - https://www.signal.org/download/ From what I know, you can setup Signal on your mobile phone, setup an account there and then install the Desktop client on Windows and Mac. You must first install it on your mobile to create the account however before you install on Mac and Windows. Hope that helps! Steve
  23. Several times I've tried to comment on articles with no luck. Today it was in : https://www.groovypost.com/howto/use-filters-in-microsoft-excel-to-find-data-faster/#respond I tried in both FireFox 84.0.2 and Edge. When I click on the comments button, nothing happens. No comments are displayed, on the #respond is added to the link.
  24. I found this MS documentation for Scripts. Currently it only appears to be for Excel online ... Office Scripts documentation - Office Scripts | Microsoft Docs But you should be able to play with it there. That being said, when I tried to find it, I did not see the "Automate" tab them mention ... <sigh>
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