How I test my Hard Drive!!

How I test my Hard Drive!!

Postby holdum333 » Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:09 pm

Hi I like to keep a close watch on my Hitachi hard drive. I realize that it could go bad at any time, but I always have a current back up image of my OS.
I like Macrium Reflect, but there are several good free image programs out there. Here's some tests I just ran on my Hitachi hard drive. Going on the 5th year. I never use sleep or hiberate. It's either on or off and seldom is it off. I use WD and seagate programs to test it. You will hear lots of recommendations about leaving your PC on or shutting it off. I'm not going to get into that discussion on this post.
Here's my test results! Here's a lot of good Hard drive information here on groovey. ... 5514876j16
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